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~This is my site to express myself, it's not much, but I don't come to impress~







Jacob G. sportin the pink hat and the 80's glasses (9th grade)

Matt Kern sportin the same shit (9th grade)

Some of Ffoeg Razipla's doodles (8th grade)

Matt Kern last day of school, happy. And no, he's not wearing lipstick (9th grade)

Jacob G. sportin the 'I love Kalin Wood' T-shirt, with Kalin dying of laughter behind him (9th grade)





Price Point used car lot across the street from Meijer's and The Great Wolf Lodge on US-31.

Traverse City Skatepark, on Civic Center Dr. off of Garfield next to the baseball fields.

St. Francis High School

River's Edge apartments 8 stair


Skate Pics

Hey Ffoeg is doing one of those grinds on the back truck... Sick.

Geoff frontside flips a cone.


Just a pic I thought looked cool.

I liked the lighting in this photo of Geoff's living room.

mIRC fast download.

Rain Drops