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Television Censorship in the United States





            Censorship is the restriction of ideas, images and sounds from the public to maintain a common good among people. The four major groups of censorship are moral censorship, military censorship, political censorship and religious censorship. Most of the censorship done in the United States is done according to moral censorship laws. The question is…would the media and the public benefit from loosened censorship laws? Even though most of  what is considered obscene is in books, movies, and television, both the media and the public can benefit from reduced censorship.

            The first major type of censorship done in television is self censorship. Self censorship can be done in two ways. The first way is formal self censorship. In formal self censorship, the content that is soon to be broadcasted is censored by the network itself. When formal censorship takes place it involves the complete removal of obscene pictures, scenes or sounds