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North American Hockey League

Alright everyone, we have got our 18 gms all signed and ready to go! Also, i have finished re-rates, and the draft list is up, so start looking for players that you are interested in! The draft list is posted below this. I will be sending an email about how the draft is going to work later on today! Welcome to the Beginning of the NAHL. This basic page is hopefully just a building block towards bigger and better things. This League is going to begin with a Fantasy Draft of current NHL players. A prospect draft will be done afterwards using a reverse order. The order will be chosen from a hat once 18 gms have been signed. A The League will have 18 Teams. The team names will be chosen by each individual GM as he enters the league, as well as the name of their AHL franchise. The fantasy draft will begin as soon as we have a full complement of GMs. If you are interested in joining the league email me at In the email please include the following: Team Name, and a logo if available.(If it is not an acutal team, you can use any logo you want as long it is not being used by any other team. AHL Team name. Arena Name Your name email address you want to use for the league. Thanks. I will have a list of the players available in the draft uploaded soon, and a gm list will be posted as soon as we have a few join up.

GM List
Draft List

Draft Order