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Nai Saechao

Age: 18

Birthdate: Unknown

Gender: Male



Someplace on Earth


Job Function:


Shopping, Travel

Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball,etc

Hip Hop/Rap, Dance,

R&b, Mien, korean, thai, etc..

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Hello. Welcome to SLOW_MUSIC. All the music are slow, so if you don`t like slow, this is not for you! Well for the rest here you go!



112 - All My Love

Aaliyah - Turn The Page

Angelina - Forever

B44 - Endlessly

Beyonce & Marc Nelson - After All Is Said And Done

Boyz II Men - End Of The Road

Boyz II Men - Four Seasons of Loneliness

Boyz II Men - I`ll Make Love to You

Brandy - Everything I do

Brian McKnight - Back At One

Craig David - You Don`t Miss Your Water

D Cru - I Will Be Waiting

Daniel Beddingfield - If Your Not The One

Edwin McCain - I`ll Be

Enrique Iglesias - Hero

EOL - I`ll Take a Chance

Faith Evans - Never Gonna Let You Go

Frankie J - Don`t Wanna Try

Jennifer Lopez - The One

Joe - I Wanna Know

Kai - It Might Be You

Lauryn Hill - Can`t Take My Eyes Off Of You

Mariah Carey - Hero

Mariah Carey - Whenever You Call

Mario - Could You Be

Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You

N Sync - Falling

Nick Carter - Who Needs The World

Nick Lachey - This I Swear

Oliver James - Greateest Story Ever Told

Oliver James - Long Time Coming

Savage Garden - Truely Madly Deeply

Selena - Dreaming of You

Shawn Desman - Superman

Tatyana Ali - Through Life Alone

Tonya Mitchell - I Don`t Want To Fall In Love

Tyrese - I Miss You Like Mad

Usher - Separated

Yasmeen - When Will it Be Me





Below are songs I recommend hearing:: 


Clipse "I`m Not With You"

Coldplay "In My Place"

*Co Co Lee "Aegeansea"

Cosmic Gate Exploration Of Space

*Craig David "Once In A Lifetime"

*Craig David "Walking Away"

*Craig David "Fill Me In"

*Craig David "Seven Days"

*Craig David "Whats Your Flava"

*Creed "My Sacrifice"

*Creed "One Last Breath"


*Daniel Beddingfield "Gotta Get Through This" 

*Destinys Child "Bootylicious"

*Destinys Child "Brown Eyes"

*Destinys Child "Emotions"

*Destinys Child "8 Days of Christmas"

*Destinys Child "Angel"

*Destinys Child "Nasty Girl"

Dj babyboi - I will follow u

DJ Babyboi - Come Into My Dream

*DJ Danny "Heaven (Slow Mix)"

*DJ Danny "I Can See"

DJ Encore - I See Right Through To You

*Donell Jones "Knocks Me Off My Feet"

*Donell Jones "I Wanna Love You"

*Dru Hill "Angel"

*Dru Hill "I Should Be"

*Dru Hill "Sleepin In My Bed (Remix)"


*Eminem "Loose Yourself"

*Eminem "Business"

*Eminem "Cleaning Out My Closet"

*Eminem"Hailey`s Song"

*Eminem "Superman"

*Eminem "The Way I Am"

*Eminem "Without me"

*Enrique Iglesias "Hero"

*Eve "Gangsta Love"

*Eve "Let Me Blow Your Mind"


*Fabulous "The Bad Guy"

*Fabulous "This Is My Party"

*Fabulous "Trade It All (Remix)"

*Fabulous "Holla Back Youngn"

*Faith Evans "Never Gonna Let You Go"

*Faith Evans "Burnin Up (Remix)"

*Faith Evans "I Love You"

*Fat Joe "My Lifestyle"

*Fat Joe "My Lifestyle (Remix)

*Fat Joe "Crush Tonight"

*Fat Joe "Whats Love"

*Final Fantasy VIII "Eyes On Me"

*Final Fantasy VIII "Julia"

*Five "Rock the Party"

*Five "Slam Dunk the Funk"

Five "Until the time is through"

*Ginuwine "Makin Good Love (Remix)"

*Ginuwine "Differences"

*Good Charlote "Hold On"

*Good Charlote "Wondering"

*Good Charlote "Change"

*Good Charlote "Click"

*Good Charlote "Lifestyle the Rich & the Famous"

*Good Charolte "Moving On"


*Hot "Greatest Love of All"

*Hot "Always My Love"

*Hot "A Song for A Lady"

*Hot "Get It Up"

*Hot "I Yah"


*IceCube "Put Your Back Into It"

*Incubus "Drive"

*Incubus "Wish You Were Here"

*Isyss "Rest of Mylife"


*Jagged Edge "All Out of Love"

*Jagged Edge "Best Man"

*Jagged Edge "Goodbye"

*Jagged Edge "Gotta Be"

*Jagged Edge "Lets Get Married (Remix)"

*Jagged Edge "Nothing With Out You"

*Jagged Edge "Promise"

*Jagged Edge "True Man"

*Jagged Edge "Where the Party At"

*Ja Rule "Furious"

*Ja Rule "Always On Time"

*Ja Rule "Livin It Up"

*Ja Rule "Thug Lovin"

*Ja Rule "Mesmerize"

*Jay-Z "Bonnie & Clyde"

*Jay Z "8 Miles & Running"

*Jay Z "A Dream"

*Jennifer Lopez "Jenny From the Block"


*Jennifer Lopez "The One"

*Jennifer Lopez "Ain`t It Funny"

*Jennifer Lopez "I`m Real"

*Jennifer Lopez "I`m Real (Remix)"

*Jennifer Lopez "Walking On Sunshine"

*Jessica Simpson "To Fall In Love Again"

*Jocelyn Enriquez "Do You Miss Me" 

*Jocelyn Enriquez "I Didn`t Know Love"

*Joe "I Wanna Know"

*Joe "No One Else Comes Close"

*Joe "What If A Woman"

*Joe "I Want A Girl Like You"

*Justin Timberlake "Like I Love You"

*Justin Timberlake "Cry Me A River"

*Justin Timberlake "Still On My Brain"


*KC & Joe Joe "Don`t Rush"

*Keith Sweat "Twisted"

*Kelly Rowland "Angel"

*Khia "My Neck My Back"

*KISS "Because I`m a Girl

*Kylie Minogue "Outta My Head"

*Left Eye "Hot"

*Left Eye "Rags to Riches"

*Lil Bow Wow "Bounce Wit Me"

*Lil Romeo "Ture Love"

*Limp Bizkit "Rollin"

*Linken Park "In the End"

*LL Cool J "Lollipop"

*LL Cool J "Fa Ha"

*LL Cool J "Paradise"

*Ludicris "Area Codes"

*Ludicris "Roll Out"

*Ludicris "Saturday"

*Ludicris "Cry Babies"

*Ludicris "Move"


*Madonna "Frozen"

*Mariah Carey "Through the Rain"

*Mariah Carey "Against All Odds"

*Mariah Carey "Butterfly"

*Mariah Carey "Hero"

*Mariah Carey "Without You"

*Mariah Carey "Yours"

*Mariah Carey "Whenever You Call"

*Mariah Carey "You Got Me"

*Mariah Carey "The One"

*Mario "Braid My Hair"

*Mandy Moore "Seventeen"

*Mandy Moore "Cry"

*Mandy Moore "It`s Gonna Be Love"

*Mandy Moore "Only Hope"

*Mandy Moore "Want You Back"

*Mary J. Blige "Rainy Days"

*Mary J. Blige "Family Affairs"

*Michelle Branch "Game of Love"

*Michael Jackson "Heal the World"

*Michael Jackson "Gone Too Soon"

*Michael Jackson "You Are Not Alone"

*Michelle Branch "All You Wanted"

*Michelle Branch "Leap of Faith"

*Michelle Branch "Game of Love"

*Missy Elliot"Work It (Remix)"

*Mulan "Reflections"

*Mya "Again & Again"

*Mya "I Can`t Believe"


*Nelly "Dilemma"

*Nelly "Airforce Ones"

*Nelly "Batter Up"

*Nelly "Hot In Herre"

*Nelly "E.I."

*Nelly "Pimp Juice"

*Nelly "Work It Out"

*Nelly "Ride Wit Me"

*Nelly "Country Grammer"

*Nelly Furtado"I`m Like A Bird"

*Nelly Furtado "Turn Out the Lights"

*New Found Glory "Dressed to Kill"

*New Found Glory "My Friends Over You"

*Nick Carter "Do I Have to Cry for You"

*Nivea "Don`t Mess With MyMan"

*No Doubt "Detective"

*No Doubt "Just A Girl"

*No Doubt "Running"

*Nsync "Bye Bye Bye"

*Nsync "Fallin"

*Nsync "It`s Gonna Be Me"

*Nsync "Just Got Paid"

*Nsync "That`s When I`ll Stop Loving You"

*Nsync "Music of My Heart"


*O-town "All or Nothing"

*Our Lady Peace "Somewhere Out There"

*Our Lady Peace "Innocent"

*Outkast "The Whole World"


*Paulina Rubio "Don`t Say Goodbye"

*P.Diddy "I Need A Girl Part 1"


*P.Diddy "I Need A Girl Part 2"

*Pink "Just Like A Pill"


*R.Kelly "If I Could Turn the Hands Back to Time"

*R.Kelly "I Believe I Can Fly"

*R.Kelly "The World`s Greatest


*Sean Paul "Gimme the Light"

*Selena "Dreaming of You"

*Shaggy "You`re My Angel"

*Shakira "Underneath Your Clothes"

*Shakira "Whenever Wherever (Remix)"

*Sisqo "Incomplete"

*Smilez & Southstar "Tell Me"

*Spice Girls "2 Become 1"

*Stevie B. "When I Dream About You"


*t.A.T.u - show me love*

*TLC "Girl Talk"

*Tony Braxton "Unbreak My Heart"

*Toya "IDo"

*Truth Hurts "Addictive"


Zoe This Isnt Love Anymore


*2 Pac "Thug Mansion"

*2 Pac "Changes"

*112 "Peaches & Cream (Remix)

*112 "Anything"

*2gether "Every Minute, Every Hour"

*2 HeartExit "Thug Love"

*3 6 Mafia "Slop of Nab"

*3LW "I Do"

*3LW "Neva Good Enough"

*3LW "No More"

*3LW "I Do (Remix)"

*50 Cent "Wanksta"

*50 Cent "In da Club"

*50 Cent "Thug Love (Remix)"

*50 Cent "My Nigga"

*504 Boys "I Can Tell"

*504 Boys "Tight Whips"

*98 Degrees "I Do"

*98 Degr

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