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Dear Likim,

                    Is  June 11th again.This is the 2nd year I did this to u. Although this year content is not much compare with last year. But I hope every year on this day u will open this site to check out any new birthday present not. I treat this site as my birthday present to you. You know here is our best distance for each other. And this is the last birthday before you becomes Mrs. Cham. and…. you 28 already. This is the age my mother….gave birth to my brother.. nothing to do with you also. Macam got abit related, if you pregnant in next few months then can have a monkey baby already. 8 years later I also will have a rabbit baby gal. Today is your birthday…me sure is tengah prepare for my final exam. Happy birthday lo.. Zhu fu ni


like last year, this is the song for you…



June 2003