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What's up i'm Kenji and as u can clearly see i'm the host of the Litterz page. I wanted to be on the front page but NO I got stuck with 2nd best, but it's all good. Well while your here adopt a precious pup, come on how could you resist their cute faces.


1:Read all the other rulez

2:Max of 3 dogz can be adopted

3:Don't abuse (no brainer there)

4:Keep SHK or Sun-Hi in the show name.

5:any petz you don't want anymore send them back.

6:if the puppy is a freebie just put freebie next to the why part of the form.

*****I don't really care how much you write you can right just one sentence and you will most likely get the dog you want. I'm not picky.I know how it feels to sit there and right up a long request.

Any Breedfilez you need I have linked to on the Linkz page

Form Litterz

Breed:Salukiz (Dalmation Overwrites)

Adopted: Sully

Breed:New Border Collie Breed File (Dalmation Overwrite)

Adopted: Blossom, Nero, Pedro, Hershey, Nikita, Snow

Breed:New Border Collie Breed File (Dalmation Overwrite)

Adopted: Ice, Ryley, Flurry

Story Book Kennelz


Breed:Border Colliez (Dalmation Overwrites)

Adopted: Mortie, Dai, Destin

Breed:Australian Shepherds

Adopted: Amber, Kiley, Jesebell, Paula, Lass

You can get the Australian Shepherd Breed File Here

Story Book Kennelz



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~You must give me your email address or I can't send you the puppy you want.~

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