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Silly Teacher! This just goes to show, never leave your answer books lyin' around!

" Magiton"Textbook Company & Test Answers

Apparently, the new teacher in our school hired the wrong guys to "clean up" the classroom at dissmisal for some extra credit in Science. It's spent nearly two years of layin somewhere in Jeremy B. Pacasu's shelves, untouched for a year and a half, now uneeded by it's user. HERE ARE ALL THE ANSWERS FOR THE MAJOR TESTS IN THE 'MAGITON' TEXTBOOKS. ENJOY!

Chapter 1

1. a

2. b

3. a

4. d

5. c

6. a

7. b

8. b

9. d

10. d

11. false (cell divison)

12. true

13. true

14. false (mitosis)

15. false (meiosis)

16. true

17. false (nucleus)

18. true

19. true

20. true

21. In this essay you basicly just have to state that there are 5 individual steps in cell divison, each playing a major role. You also have to state