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Julia Zackiewicz 7-402 Confirmation 12/2/03 Liturgy Gospels mark 10:35-40 - This is about two sons named James and John who want to worship Jesus. They say they will do anything for him. Jesus says 'but to sit on my right hand and on my left hand is not mine to give, but shall be given to them for whom is prepared'. He means that when they are ready, he will help them. John 18; 33-37 - In this story Jesus is questioned by the government if he is equal to God. He stands up for himself and does not lie about what he truly believes.

Julia Zackiewicz 7-402 Confirmation 12/3/03 November 2003 21) A Sacrament is A rite believed to be a means of or visible form of grace, especially in the Eastern, Roman Catholic, and some other Western Christian churches, any of the traditional seven rites that were instituted by Jesus and recorded in the New Testament and that confer sanctifying grace. 22) The Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist Sacraments of Vocation: Holy Orders and Matrimony Sacraments of Healing: Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick 23) Conciense 24) Free Will 25) Baptism 26) The Paschal Mystery is the heart of all liturgy and our belief in Christ's death and resurection. 27) The Eucharist 28) Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. The steps are The Pre-Catechumenate, The Rite of Acceptance, The Catechumenate, The Rite of Election, Lent, Easter Sacraments of Initiation, and Mystagogy. 29) The three degrees of the Holy Orders are called the episcopate, presbyterate, and deaconate a) Christians confess Jesus. Baptism b) Peter is asking Jesus forgiveness because of his brother. Reconciliation c) This talks about Jesus not having enough bread and then he looked to the lord and had enough. Communion e) Talks about people burning and the Holy Spirit saved them. Confirmation f) Talks about a feast when they had shortage of wine. So Jesus turned the water into wine. Communion g) How Jesus healed the people. Blessing of the sick h) A man is reborn in God. Baptism

Julia Zackiewicz 11/16/03 Confirmation 7-402 October 2003 1.Sister Ruth Catharine 2.St. Frances Xavier Cabrini 3. Pope Pius XII 4. Father Damien 5. The Maryknoll Sisters 6. John Paul II 7. Mother Teresa 8. Thomas Merton 9. Pope John Paul II 10. Augustus Tolton 11. Edward M. Egan 12. Franciscan Friar Junipero Serra 13. Elizabeth Ann Seton 14. John Carroll 15. Samuel Kirkland 16. Kateri Tekakwitha 17.Ignatius of Loyola 18. St. Jerome 19. St. Maximilian Kolbe 20. Elizabeth Bayley Seton

Julia Zackiewicz 7-402 Confirmation 12/2/03 Services For my October service, I did work at the Harvest Festival. I helped to put away the leftover cakes and cookies back into the kitchen. I also helped sweep up the cafeteria. After that I cleared the tables. Everyone working at the Harvest Festival benefitted because they did not have to clean up by themselves and got work done quicker. From this experience I learned the good of helping others. Also, for my November service, I collected clothing for the poor. Clothing that I grew out of or that is to big on me I gave away. This will help many children and maybe even some adults who are poor and may not have a big selection of things to wear. It would also help them to be warm during the fall and winter time. I think they will appreciate it very much. From this expierence I learned about how lucky I am to have all the things I own today such as a home, a family, food and clothing.