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Kittens Side of Cyber Space

The Protector

Im scared she whispered
To noone again
That was her way
Keep it in
Pretend she was brave
While it all crumbled

There was people who cared
She knew this
Yet she couldn't share the pain
Burden those she protected
In her own twisted sense

But this time was different
She was drowning
And couldn't lift her hand
To seize help
She would survive
Or she would perish
Thats the way the world crumbles
But she wouldnt ask for help
She'd go the hard times alone

In times of joy
She was an open book
Extending her fortune with all
But this was darkness
So she cowered inside
Pretending it was not there at all

So sad, little dreamer
Perhaps he would have caught you
Even before the fall
But you couldnt tell him
You couldnt share
Protector that you are
So go it alone
We shall see little dreamer
What your made of.
amanda ......................

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