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RC Car Central is all about how to buy, build, tune, maintain, and race hobby quality electric remote control cars, nitro gas powered rc cars, and mini radio controlled car and truck kits. This site is simply designed for you to teach and promote this amazingly fun little hobby and it's fast growing even more helpful, more informative, and easier to use every day so you'll find only the best r/c books, videos, magazines, and rc hobby shops for rc car kits, rc car parts, and accessories you're searching for online fast and easy.

RC Car Central teaches and promotes hobby quality kits you can build, tune, and race in the street and backyard for fun, or in organized competition on specially made tracks around the world. More on that later! Every month in the magazine, we feature buying, building, maintaining, tuning and racing tips for beginners and pros on the best electric battery powered and nitro gas powered remote controlled cars and trucks available today to help you get started or tune and drive like the pros.

Ready to run or unassembled kit, nitro or electric, on or offroad, you'll save time, save money, and find what you're looking

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