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Too do list

>Blog more<
>Get credit for mobile<
>Wb melissa from hols<
>FTP all that stuf for untitled<
>Find out what Pooj is on about>
>Find Loz<
>Get mor shoez<

I'm watching home alone, LOL. Today has been pretty boring actually, I need something to spice it up a little. Oh God...Jasons just appeared online, I hope he doesn't talk to me, he scares the hell out of me. His eyes make him look...uh, whats the word...????ummmmmmmmmm homicidal! Thats the one.
Learnt a new thing in hmtl with search boxes that makes a really cool effect, but I still can't figure how to make it passwordy, I'm gonna go and have a look at the bravenet ones to see if I can pick it up.
God I am soooo bored! Theres no gossip since we've been on the hols. Accept- well, newz from harris and paul but i'm not gonna post that on here, lol!
Jools wants to go to a matchbox20 and maroon5 concert- whoop that its a concert but I don't really like (ok, i don't like) matchbox20 nor maroon5, so I'm wounded. I don't think I'm aloud to go anyway because my mums hept up that its on a school night. Then I pointed out that it was on a friday. I can't believe they let us go back on a thursday! that is soo cool, two dayz to catch up and then weekend, lol! Then the real work starts though...but what the hey.

none =(

none! =(