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Here is a list of just some of the members at Glooscap that are involved with organizing events and the upkeep of the club!


Many businesses along with the locals use going to the curling club as a leisure activity . The juniors range from 6 and 7 years old to 17 and 18. The adults range in age from 20 right up to the 80's. This past season the club was proud to send two teams to national competition as well as another to the height of women's provincial competition.

Yvonne Martin, a dedicated assistant at Glooscap and her senior women's team won the right to play at the Senior Women's National Championship. As well, Corey Boudreau's young high school team succeeded in traveling to the Canada Winter games. Jocelyn Palmer's Glooscap team came very close to representing Nova Scotia at the Scott Tournament of Hearts, too.

Yvonne Martin
Leslie Seamone
Carl Lovett
Mike Haxton
Earl MacKinnon
Julie Wentzel
Larry Eaton
Donna MacKinnon