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The Glooscap Curling Club is a local curling facility to about 5000 citizens of Kentville, Nova Scotia and the surrounding villages totalling roughly 10 000 other people. The club has two floors, a full kitchen and bar, four sheets of ice and a wonderful maintenance staff.



Location: 17 Crescent Avenue Kentville, NS B4N1R1

Phone Number: 1 902 678 4637


Beginning adult member - $100.00
Transferred in from another club – $150.00
Regular membership renewal – $210.00
Junior Membership - $50.00
There is no membership cancellation fee, and if you move away, and move back in a few years, there’s no extra cost to re-join.


The name “GLOOSCAP” is taken from the legendary figure “GLOOSKAP” (or GLUSKAP). According to legend Glooscap was a mighty figure in the days of the Micmacs and Maliseets, clans of the early Algonquin people, the Red Men of Canada, who ruled over the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin from his home on Blomidon - that mighty, out-thrusting buttress of vivid rock which is the easterly extremity of the North Mountain.