FRONTSIDE The Team: Take a look at the frontside team...


The Team

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This is the frontside crew, of Worces-ces-ces-tershire

Meet the team.
Click on a member's ugly mush to learn more about them. Why you would want to, who knows? But you have been warned...

The Team
This hopefully will be a picture of the team when we get one... until that day you'll have to put up with Greg again *sigh*
  No camera!
That inability to afford a camera is now over [woo hoo] most pictures are still complements of Thank you Russ [b*tch] for letting us use pictures of ourselves. [Yeh D*ck licker].
Ummm.... thanks for that Greg. Any way, the camera has been purchased and so pics of the team and individuals will be ready soon. Only one more exam to go, then I'll be able to really concentrate on the site. So expect plenty of pics soon of us and our crazy antics as we try and get good at the boarding of the skate variety.



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