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Eddie Allen

Age: 17
Location: Bewdley
Started skating: August 2001
Rides: Skateboard
Deck: Powell mini logo (Dan copied me =D)
Wheels: Pig (who knows what sort???)
Trucks: Destructo golds
Bearings: NMBs (They kick ass dude!!!)
Skate shoes: DC's 'equation'
Favourite skater: Danny Wainwright
Favourite trick: Nollie flip underflip
Best trick landed: Fakie backside flip
Props to: Knarly skaters, pot noodles and Tiffani Thiesen
Poo to: Bladers that get in the way, people who don't like my website
Comments: Skating is ace and I dunno what the hell I'd do if I didn't skate...


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