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Bentley - Rhode Island to Connecticut to New York - Bennett – Connecticut to New York --Connections 

Mr S.B. Bennett says of this Samuel (BENNETT) "There seems to be no satisfactory record of his progeny".

He then proceeds to attribute a son Ephraim to this Samuel and says it is this Ephraim who married Mary Stafford.

Actually, there IS a record of "his progeny", in the same Warwick records compiled by J.N. Arnold, mostly girls and NO Ephraim.

The Bennett researcher on FTM also says (perhaps copying S.B. Bennett) that this Ephraim also married a Mary Stafford and mentions a Deed in Tioga County from Ephraim and wife Mary to Thomas Baldwin in 1795. The "Baldwin Deed", dated 1795 and verified by one of the original witnesses in 1808, says only "Ephraim Bennet and Mary his wife of Chemung of the County of Tioga and State of New York .... of Thomas Baldwin...". Naturally, the wife's maiden name is NOT mentioned.

From Web Site of a Bennett/Bennet researcher

Mary Stafford, wife Ephraim Bennett (1632), has always been a puzzle. Her accepted attribution makes her only 11 years old when she started her family. I looked for a Mary Stafford who would have been a neighbor of Ephraim's, since in those days most people married the girl on the farm next door. He lived in Ridgefield CT on the border with New York state. ( Ridgefield is on the border with NY, which means it is on the opposite side of CT from RI). After detailing the Stafford family in early Rhode Island, I am more inclined to believe our Mary was born in 1734, the first child of Alice Shearman, born in Tiverton, a stone's throw from Warwick RI. Alice married Joseph (Stover) Stafford. Depending on the dates you accept, it is possible that Mary was born before Alice married Joseph. If this is the case, it is reasonable to assume that young Mary's last name changed to Stafford, and also reasonable to assume that for the rest of her life she might be a little vague about her antecedents. One source has her marrying someone other than Ephraim, but the dates for that are suspect. (THEY ARE SUSPECT?)

These Staffords were Quakers who soon migrated to Nine Partners in New York, a large area which included The Oblong. The Oblong extended all the way to Ridgefield, CT. Joseph Stafford's father and older sister Sarah were part of this migration. Sarah had a child but never a husband. Sarah and her father eventually headed south to the Pasquotank Quaker meeting in the Carolinas. 

Mary Stafford married Ephraim shortly after his release from imprisonment during General Johnson's war. (The French and Indian War ca 1755 to 1763---[.m.1760 Mary Stafford])Her firstborn sons Ephraim and Thaddeus she married off to two daughters of William Bentley, Eunice and Hannah. The Bentleys were Quakers from Nine Partners  (SIC) though the family also migrated to Warwick NY before the Revolutionary War. It is my contention that the Bentleys, the Staffords and the Bennetts were close neighbors on the Connecticut-NewYork border in the middle part of the 18th century.

This person says Hannah and Eunice  Bently were daughters of William IV and Bathsheba Greene Bently (SIC!!!)


This person  is, obviously, convinced of the Stafford-Bennett connection.

He departs from the contention of S.B. Bennett that the Ephraim in question was a son of Samual of the Rhode Island Bennetts. He accepts that Ephraim was of Ridgefield, CT. Then he has the problem of getting Ephraim together with Mary of Tiverton, RI.

He is however, TOTALLY misinformed about the Bentleys.

  1. The parents of Hannah and Eunice were Greene Bentley Sr and his wife Dinah Straight/Strait Bentley. She was the daughter of Thomas Straight and Herodias Gardiner. Greene Sr. was the son of WILLIAM Bentley, who was the son of William and Sarah (maiden name never proven) Bentley. This William is most likely the William Bently baptized at Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England on Sept 13, 1640,

{Mr Cameron Stewart not only reviewed the work of numerous previous searchers, he also did a great deal of original research One of the documents he viewed, at the suggestion of Mr Edwin Bentley of Seattle, Washington, was in the possession of the Rhode Island Historical Society. It is a very old manuscript which he believes is a compilation of information from "perhaps two or more Bible transcription-records"

     This documents reads as follows:

"1) William Bently Born in Amphill in Bedfordshire

 2) England and Departed this Life in Kingstown

 3) 83 yrs and 11 days of His age and Sarah Bently She

 4) the Wife of ye above William Departed this Life

 5) December ye 28 1731}

He was the son of John and Mary Betts Bently. John was baptized at Elstow, Bedfordshire, on November 5, 1608. His parents were William and Mary Goodwin Bently, who were married May 20, 1601 in St Pauls, Bedfordshire. Greene Sr.’s mother was Bathsheba (No maiden name proven-widow of Isreal Lewis Jr.) Bentley.  She married both Isreal and William at Westerly, RI.

Other researchers have noted that Bathsheba was a staunch BAPTIST—NOT a Quaker.

2. In Cameron Stewart's book we find a citation ..."On 22 Sep 1766 Green Bently and his family was given a certificate from Richmond to North Kingston (RI)" Which  found:.  Richmond Town Records (LDS film # 0930847) saying only "..and his family..". No clue to how many children he might have had at that time.

We don't know exactly when he left Rhode Island, but by 1771 Greene and family were in Kent Twp., Litchfield County, Connecticut where, per Vital Records of Kent Twp., son Benjamin was born September 24, The family stayed in Kent until some time in 1774. Daughter Rhoda (Herodias) was born there on January 02, 1774.

By 1775 the Bentleys were in Warwick, Orange County, NY, when “Dinah Bentle” was listed as a member of the Old School BAPTIST Church. The first pastor of this was church was James Benedict of Ridgefield, CT. Some of the earliest members were: Ephraim Bennet (1768); Sarah Bennet (probably the wife of) Gershom Bennet; “Jestes” Bennett, Moses Bennett; and Hannah (Bennett) Rockwell (1768), wife of Jonathan Rockwell III. They were married in Ridgefield, CT on January 1, 1760), among others.

3.After the Revolutionary War, and a brief sojourn in Pennsylvania with some of the Bennetts, he returned to NY: By 1788 Greene was back in New York, per a Land Record (FTM CD # 238), and in "A History of the Valley and County of Chemung" by Ausburn Towner, 1892 (found on Joyce Tice's Tri-County Genealogy site -, Mr Towner says that Green Bently located in the neighborhood of Wellsburg (along what became Bentley Creek) in 1788 and built the first house in the area in 1789.

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Sites by Joyce M. Tice

1790 Census Records for  Chemung County NY

Green Bently

Thadeus Bennet 

Justuss Bennet

 Gershom Bennet

Abraham Bennet

Ephraim Bennet Jun

Ephraim Bennet

Chemung Land Papers 1788 - 1792

The following is from the New York Calendar of Land Papers and covers the original land surveys for what is now Chemung County. The notes column has been added by the compiler J. Kelsey Jones. The actual survey map can be consulted for specific locations of surveys..::::::::

1  Nov 1788       Ephraim Bennet                                     288        Chemung

23 Mar 1791      Ephraim Bennet was entitled to             lot 17                   north side of river between Chemung and Lowman

22 Feb 1791      Deed from Ephraim Bennet, senr., and Ephraim Bennet, junr., to Roger Conat of lot 17

Greene was one of the earliest members of the Wellburg BAPTIST Church, together with Ephraim, Thaddeus, Garshum, Justes, Abraham and other  Bennetts.

4. On January 5, 1799 there was a complaint against "Brothers James Bentley and Green Bentley by Bro. Thaddeus Bennit...." (possibly this reference to Brothers... is in the spiritual sense, not necessarily the temporal. On the other hand--Greene and James may have been in Connecticut together and may have gone to NY together. NO PROOF either way).

It would appear that Greene Sr did not move north to the Town of Catherine until after January of 1799. The writer of this letter says "....the date of removal not before April 19, 1798", apparently considering that the Brother Greene Bentley complained of in January 1799 might have been Greene Jr.

An Index to the 1800 Census for Newtown, which was formed from Chemung in 1792, and apparently extended over a very large area, lists Green Bently Jr., Benjamin Bently, Cornelius Hopper, David, Gershom and Thaddeus Bennett. Greene Sr. is not listed which supports the idea that he had already removed to the area of Catherine Town.

There is nothing in the records found so far, to indicate that Greene and family ever resided in the “Nine Partners”,area of Dutchess County, NY.

In any event, Greene Sr. spent his last years in the area of Catherine Town in Tioga County, New York. The town of Veteran was formed from Catherine on April 16, 1823, probably close to the date of Greene's death. All of the local histories make it clear that Greene Bentley Sr was one of - if not THE - veteran for whom the town was named.

5. IF this Ephraim, who may have married a Mary Stafford, was from Ridgefield, CT who were his parents? There was an Ephraim Bennett who married a Hannah Benedict in Ridgefield. He is identified as a son of James and Deborah Adams Bennett (of Danbury CT).This Ephraim and Hannah had a James and a Mary but I can’t find any other children in the microfilm of the Vital Records Of Ridgefield, CT. It seems likely that he would have named a son Ephraim—for himself.  Further, there was an Ephraim Bennett in Warwick, Orange County, NY, who referred to land given him and his wife Susannah by her late father, Samuel Lobdell of Ridgefield, CT. This man called himself “Ephraim JR” in 1771. Whether he did so because his father was living—either in Connecticut or in the same area of Orange County, or because there was another Ephraim Bennet who was older, possibly an uncle, is unknown at this point.  This Ephraim and his wife were about the right age to be a father to the Ephraim who married Hannah Bently. And this couple named their first son Samuel and their first known daughter Susannah. Coincidence? Maybe.

It’ seems clear from the children’s names (IE Thomas Strait Bennett-- Green Bently Bennett) that Hannah was the daughter of Greene Bentley Sr.

The names of Eunice and Thaddeus’.children, taken from Cameron Stewart’s book, wherein he quotes an older Bennett-Bentley researcher, F. Titus, include a Rhoda Bennett, a Benjamin Bentley Bennett and a Sarah Bentley Bennett. Other sources give Eunice as “Sheba Eunice” which could be for Greene’s mother Bathsheba.

Conclusion: It seems the Connecticut connection of the Bennett’s is much more likely than a Rhode Island one, the notion of a Mary Stafford Bennett, notwithstanding.


Other Bennett-Stafford assertions:

THADDEUS BENNETT, son of EPHRAIM BENNETT and MARY JANE STAFFORD, was born May 9, 1760 in Warwick, Rhode Island, and died February 9, 1834 in Scioto County, Ohio. He is buried in Harrison Township, near Portsmouth, Ohio. He married (1) SHEBA EUNICE BENTLEY, daughter of GREEN BENTLEY and DIANA STRAIGHT, September 10, 1780 in Orange County, New York. She was born January 19, 1762, and died December 31, 1799

At least they have Eunice’s parent’s names right. No source given.


Hannah Humility BENTLEY  Where did the middle name “Humility” come from? No source given

Born:    2 Jan 1765

Place:  Litchfield, Litchfield, Connecticut

(On 22 Sep 1766 Green Bentley, and his family, was given a certificate from Richmond to North Kingston (RI)". Per Richmond Town Records (LDS film # 0930847). The family was in RI--NOT in CT having kids in 1765. They did have two children in KENT Twp, Litchfield Co., CT Benjamin and Rhoda!)

Died:    1836   Place:    , Tioga, Pennsylvania

Buried:          Place:      Family Plot, Montour Falls, New York

Married:   7 Feb 1781  

Place:  Litchfield, Litchfield, Ct

(In 1781 the Bentleys, together with many Bennetts, were in Orange County, NY, as members of the Orange County Militia).