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who am i
  July 30, 2004: 5th entry
    Leaving for trip tomorrow so won't be updateing for a while, added a guestbook under the contact page
  July 29, 2004: 4th entry

Everything works =] click side buttons to navagate page and click the title to return to this page. For Pics and Links if u click the button again it will link you to the next page

  July 28, 3004: 3rd entry
    Grrr... why does the website work differently between two different angelfire accounts?! it works fine on this one but a exact copy doesn't work
finally figured out what was wrong.. sighz~ stupid files..
  July 24, 2004: 2nd entry

Yay, finally everything works :D just need to add in stuff, im thinking of adding more pictures but most of the non-anime pics that i have can be found in my old website so i dunno if i should put them up again... i made this website is pretty much 2 days and i had to each myself all the dummb animation and gif stuff ><

  July 23, 2004: 1st entry
    crappy... soo crappy... nothing works yet. just finished buttons that look cool and dun need flash
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Last updated: July 30, 2004