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Esper Skate Team  

Skate Links

Here is a list of links I think are definitely worth a visit to:

Wisconsin based sites- - A definite must-visit for anyone from WI or even other states.  Gives some awesome insight on the Milwaukee skate seen, and gives profiles on some great skaters in the are like Greg Lutzka and Ben Vance.  It also has a good message board. -A great Twin Cities skating site, has lots of photos and video links to some great skating, I recommend you check this page out.

Magazines- - Everybody knows this site, it's the page for Transworld skateboarding magazine.  Great stories, follows up the entire skateboarding scene in one place....a must-have for any favorites page. - Another good site that is based from Skateboarder Mag, a good, watered down version of Transworld, which is nice once in a while.  The ads can get overwhelming in Transworld.

Industry- - Tensor home page, good trucks, no one can argue. - Globe shoes homepage - Great trucks, grind king homepage. - Santa Cruz's home page, you'll find some top-quality products here.

Mailorders- A must buy from site!  Definitely offers some of the best products around at amazing prices!  I've ordered from them many times and have nothing to complain about!  They even are going to offer snowboards and snowskates this winter, which is awesome.  Highly recommended. - Another highly recommended mailorder, has some good sales and always ships your products on time. - I've never purchased from this mailorder personally, but it has tons of products at good prices. - I hate this site, it has terrible prices and often never ships your orders at all!!!  Never order form them.  Boycott CCS!!!!

Shops/Parks- - This is the site of our local Green Bay, WI shop.  It'll be up and running soon so you should check back there when its completed.

Other- - This is a skateboard trivia site and it's tons of fun.  This site is a definite must-see, so go here, sign up now, and lean some new stuff or test your knowledge! - This site has some pretty gnarly trick tips and a good gallery where members can submit their footage.  However, some of their trick tips are kind of questionable.....BS kickflip Japan Airs on vert ramps?  It's worth a look though.


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