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American-friendly unit shifter
Tuesday, 16 December 2003
New guitar clip, and the Iraqi Gandalf?

So, Saddam Hussein has been captured.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the song of a bitch is behinds bars, but think about it:

Now that he's been caught, every last American that supported the war will be beaming. "We caught him! We're a success! The war was justified! Take that France!"

Meanwhile, what does the capture of Saddam Hussein have to do with the justification of a war based on fake weapons? Osama Bin Laden hasn't been caught, and you don't see nay-sayers about the invasion of Afghanistan. Mind you, that invasion was based on truth...

So, in other words, the capture of Saddam Hussein leaves the world at the hands of American voters. In such a way:

-Saddam caught, that's good. Let's not pay attention to the car bomb that went off at police headquarters, or the 18 victims taht died, because Saddam has been caught
-Saddam caught = good, therefore George Bush is good, and the war was good all along
-George Bush = good

And, to be honest, I'm not sure the world can take another George Bush term in office. Think of the riots!

I'm just hoping UN elections inspectors are allowed this time around.

But, in other news, I've got a wah pedal for my guitar to fool around with for a while. That's good, right?

size: 760 kb
length: 33 seconds
type: complete improv
style: a clean funk, with a background fuzz because of my crappy cables. Sigh.

Posted by sk3/ecnarf at 4:16 PM EST
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Thursday, 11 December 2003
Nothing quite like oldschool metal...
Well, did anyone catch the Billboard Music Awards last night?

Evanescence's performance was just entirely too interesting to just watch. I had to get up and leave the room. That's how great they are.

One thing I don't entirely understand is how popular Evanescence has gotten. Many people I've talked to firmly believe that Amy Lee's talent isn't computer generated. Hmm.

Basically, I see Evanescence as the Good Charlotte of metal music. They take something that "mainstream" society has spat on, and turned it into something that Seventeen magazine drools over.

I mean, look at them. Amy Lee's style consists of punk arm warmers, messed up hair... and a formal evening dress? But no, let's all drool over their "original" music. Of course, its the most menacingly heavy music known to mankind, therefore, they rock.

Their music seems to appeal to the population of 13 year old girls who think they have problems. I mean, hey, the music is so angsty.

"Save me from the nothing I've become."

Can anyone here honestly say they've become a nothing? I don't know... that's a pretty extreme statement. Why does it appeal? Because people today are nothing but a pile of wimps.

"Waah, look at me! I'm dressing in all black and I'm pretending to be suicidal! Give me attention!"

I don't understand it. When did everyone on the face of the earth have serious problems that could only be solved by listening to poser pop-metal? Why don't people just face the truth, that they don't really have problems and just want attention.

To be fair, people who are actually contemplating suicide because they do have real problems will not find any solace in bands like Evanescence. Similarly, Good Charlotte's new music video (the one about teen suicide) will only serve as a life-saver to people who "fell in love" with a guy they were dating for two weeks, which was somehow the most meaningful relationship in their life. Puh-lease.

In other news, Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien has spent his last day in office.

From MSN news: Chretien said U.S. President George Bush called him Thursday morning to wish him good luck and thanked him for Canada's military role in Afghanistan and the country's financial contribution to rebuilding Iraq.

Well, what would you know? George Bush didn't once visit Canada while Jean Chretien was in power, but manages to make a last minute phone call. But, of course, he can get on a plane, wake up the next morning, and read a pre-prepared speech in Iraq, with the troops, making for the perfect photo op.

More gravy on your potatoes?

Posted by sk3/ecnarf at 4:47 PM EST
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Tuesday, 9 December 2003
This is the american friendly unit shifter
Hi everyone.

This is the American friend unit shifter, where I publish my opinions. I do my homework. That meaning, I know what I'm talking about whenever I post anything. If you want to make an argument, feel free to post a comment. If I see any "YOU SUCK!! THE WAR IS GOOD!!" type comments, I will use such comments to heat my bedroom during the cold winter months.

I chose the name simply because I like to amuse myself. If any americans are insulted by such a notion, I'd wonder. What's so insulting about it? Hmm....

Anyways, read on, and please comment.

Posted by sk3/ecnarf at 5:15 PM EST
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