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Great Dunmow Skate Park Association

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Welcome to the Great Dunmow Skate Park Association Home Page. Here you will find news about our latest activities, reports about our past activities, information about Great Dunmow Skate Park and our plans for the future.
   You will also find links to our friends, pictures of skaters in action and much, much more. Keep checking back for the latest developments.
   If you are new to skating or are a parent wanting to gain an insight into what your kids get up to then check out our exclusive guide: What's all this Sk8 Lark About, and if you want to learn more check out our exclusive Guide to Sk8 Terminology.
   We would like to thank Great Dunmow Town Council and the community for giving us such a great skate park and for the continuing support for the Association and the skaters who use it.
   Whoever said there was nothing to do in Dunmow just doesn't know how to skate!



DSPA World Tour Begins in Peterborough

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