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1983 Ford F250 Full-Size Pickup

(Second time selling. Previous buyer did not contact me.)
Location: Ithaca, NY
4.9L, 6 Cyl, 5spd. 65,000 miles.
Truck runs but not well enough to drive away (running very rough). Needs an engine cleanout, possibly a rebuild. Truck spent its life out west (Utah--warm, mild climate) and has been here in New York for one year. Great truck..
Good condition of interior. Has seat cover, original seating has rips in it. Vinyl dash is in good condition with minor abrasions at the center of dashboard where speaker is. Original AM radio has been pulled but is available and can be pretty easily reinstalled.
Medium dent behind passenger-side door as well as some paint scratching. Minor dent in hood as well as to the tailgate. Since being in NY for one year, paint has some small rust spots. Theres a low-level rust in the bed and on the roof as well as a small rusted through patch near the rear. Front tires will soon need replacement. Rear tires are in good condition.

I only accept accept only Paypal or cash. Local pickup only. Payment in full must be recieved within 7 days. No title transfer before full payment is recieved. Buyer accepts vehicle as-is with no refund or warranty. I reserve the right to void the auction if buyer has had excessive negative feedback and/or has no feedback.
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