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Latest News

15.01.2006    -    The last get together of Zilla School 1975 batch was held in Dear Park, Guest House. In this occasion we are proud to felicitate our Si Mr Munjabana Mohapayra, our Drill Teache, and Sir Trupti Bhusan Dasgupta, our Drawing Teacher. There was a geathering of 75 of us.

24.12.2005    -    The 2nd get-together of Zilla School, 1975 batch is going to be held on 15th of January 2006 at Mud House, Motijharan, Sambalpur, at 10.00 A.M. All of the 1975 batch are requested to attend the same. A sum of Rs. 250.00 (Rupees Two Hundred Fifty Only ) has been decided towards the the contribution.

15.05.2005    -    The First get-together of Zilla School, 1975 batch was held to-day in the Upper I.B. in Sambalpur. It was a great success and around 80 ex-students of 1975 batch form Sambalpur and outside Sambalpur were gathered in the occasion. We met some of our friends after a long gap of 30 years. The function was started by giving attribute to the holy souls of the friends who are no more with us followed by a mourning of one minute. It has been planed to make a family get-together in 8th of January, the 2nd Sunday of  January 2006 and all were requested to send their Contribution of Rs. 200.00 before December 2005. It has also been planed to make an database of all the members and all members were requested to send a passport size photograph.

14.04.2005    -    The first Get-together is going to be held on 15th of May 2005 and the proposed get-together for 2006 is in January 2006. we are planning to make it a family get-together.


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