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My Reason For This Page

I started this webpage because I know how teenage girls and young women feel when they have low self-esteem. Too many girls these days have low self-esteem and I used to be one of them until I learned to love myself. Though I am young I do have a lot to say and helping others is one of the things I'm good at. All my life I felt like an outcast until I hit high school. In high school I made new friends and those new friends taught me to not care what others think about me. And so far even though we all have two years left we still don't care what others think. I have a lot more back bone thanks to them. If they are reading this I would like to say thanx. Anyways I feel that we girls can get to the level in which I am so proud of. Being me! I am now a beliver that dreams do come true. I wanted to be accepted and now I am. I found my true friends. The biggest influence that I had was a book called 'The Right Moves: A Girl's Guide To Getting Fit And Feeling Good'. I had gotten the book out of the library and it helped me a lot. It helped me so much I went and bought a copy. Throughout this webpage I will answer questions and hopefully you will end up having a good feeling about yourself.