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You Want To What?

You Want To What?

This page is a little advanced but it is here to teach a lesson in self respect.

You want to have sex at an early age:

Having sex at an early age is the worst possible thing that can go on in your life. You take the risks of possibly becoming pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The best possible thing to do is wait until marriage. By substaining abstinance you won't get an STD or pregnant. Remember if you are having sex not all condoms protect from STDs and pregnancy

You want to be a stripper:

Stripping. My definition is that it is easiest way to get raped and the worst way to make money. Listen girls you have to stay in school so that when you are finished with school you will have a good enough job that will provide you with what you need in life. Rape is one of the worst things that can happen to young girls.

For further information on this topic check your local library or if you have questions please check out my questionsand answers page. Again feel free to mail me.

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