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To further test his new theory, jamil decided to try it on a new lake where he had never fished before.

He got out his map and looked for the town his grandfather had told him about when he was little.

Jamil found a small lake on the map in the town of Trenton  called Gropps Lake. 

The next day jamil drove down the Garden State Parkway from Irvington and took the Turnpike to exit 7a. 

 Gropps lake wood be another five miles after the tollbooth. Jamil was very excited, if his theory was true then he would have a great time catching fish and exploring today!

Even more than he imagined, Gropps was beautiful!, it had houses along most of the lake that had decks that ran right out to the water. There was a parking area and boat launch  right by the water. 

Jamil opened his cooler and made sandwiches as he watched other people fish.

What he saw made him smile. No one was catching any fish. on a big beautiful lake like this...  groppstop.jpg (19822 bytes)   No one was catching anything! perfect jamil thought to himself.

Once the sandwiches were made and the cooler packed and ready. Jamil picked up all his supplies and did as he had learned from his grandfather and looked for that special place where the fish are out of their element.  "There it is".

Jamil said out loud as he walked across the road, and went down a hill to a spot beneath the lake's waterfall.

"Now let me see..... once the fish fall over the waterfall, this water is only a foot deep and heats up quickly, so if I were the fish where would I be in this hot area.....? maybe somewhere cool like in the  in the shade!" mmmmm he thought aloud "maybe they are in the hole in the wall", after all it is dark and cool.

tryiy.jpg (66064 bytes)

So jamil cast his bait into the hole in the wall and held the tip of the pole to feel when the fish would bite his worm.

"What was that" said Jamil, as he became still waiting to see if he would feel it again. Suddenly the pole bent and began to be pulled out of Jamil's hands.  so he bent forward and started hand feeding  line off the spool as the tugging became harder and harder.gothim1.jpg (39597 bytes)

Jamil knew he must have a monster on his line when all of a sudden the line began to scream.

 "EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeewwww" and it popped! 

Jamil knew he did not have a strong enough line for the fish in the small hole. There was no room to maneuver the fish and it would either run straight back or straight at him, so he decided to try hole number two.

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