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Letters From Home 

During his last few months of High School, Jamil joined the delayed entry program of the U.S. Navy.

Out of all the armed forces, Jamil chose the navy because he loved water, fishing and traveling. 

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While on duty overseas, Jamil received a letter from his niece Veda. Veda had a baby boy nick named Buhdah, who jamil would play with and tell stories to whenever he was home on leave. Veda mentioned in her letter that Buhdah had started walking. Jamil was anxious to go home again and go fishing, he wrote a response to Veda's letter and told her that he was going to put together a camping trip she and Buhdah would never forget!

It was Thursday, and quite a bit of time had passed since Jamil had come home from the navy.              the weather was perfect for few good days of fishing.

Taking the notes he had made and  maps, Jamil set out for Veda's house. he was greeted at the door by Greg, Veda's husband and they hugged and right away started laughing and joking about the trip they were about to go on. When Veda and Buhdah heard them, they came to investigate.

Jamil scooped little Buhdah  up and swung him around in the air, as Veda and Greg made sounds with their mouths and danced around to celebrate the start of a New Adventure.

Jamil told them to give him half an hour to look over his maps, so he could  find a place where they could camp and fish for the weekend.

Going over the maps, Jamil wanted to find a place that few people visited during the early summer months. He knew that on a hidden lake, there would be little fishing pressure and they should be able to catch some decent fish.

But all he could find was places he had already tried and his secret spots did not offer camping anywhere nearby.

He tried to remember the name of the River his grandfather had mentioned. Granddad had said there was a place to camp and go hiking on trails and the fishing was Great in the early summer months.


This is an excellent story to read to the kids while around the campfire or a chapter or two at bed time!

Note Characters

Jamil= skilly
Veda= Patty
Greg= Nutty Dog
Bret= Buhdah

Special Guest: Kareema as Camp Syndrome


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