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Buhdah Makes a good spill..

 Uncle skilly was intent on finding some (New secret) place he had never gone to or fished before, so he did not pay attention to Buhdah who was about to spill his afternoon juice  all over the pile of maps on the floor.

 But that was it!

 The stain left behind by the juice, marked an area inside the  woods in the Worthington State Forest in New Jersey.  there was a tiny blue dot there, so small that it could barely be seen by the naked eye.

Uncle Skilly used his magnifying glass to read the words Catfish Pond on the map.

Buhdah was now two years old,  he was too small to understand the look on his uncle's face. as Uncle skilly did a dance and waved his arms up and down! "Boom... Boom. .Boom Boom Boom!" was the tune he played with his mouth as he danced back and forth.

Buhdah unaware of what exactly was going on, was pleased with the events up to that point. when suddenly, as thou it were as common as, covering ones mouth when they coughed, or the way you can't help but yawn when someone around you does it first...The door opens, and right in step with uncle Skilly enters Nutty Dog and joins the dance.... as they pass by , Nutty Dog picks up Buhdah and places him on his shoulders. Buhdah is tickled pink and smiles as they dance from room to room. 

Having heard the noise Skilly was making Nutty knew it meant that skilly had found a Good place for their weekend retreat!  Skilly (Buhdah's Uncle) was good friends with Nutty Dog (Buhdah's Father)  from the first day Veda had introduced the two. they were such good friends, that they were the ones who nicknamed each other! Patty who is married to Nutty Dog is Buhdah's Mother and Skilly's Niece.

Nutty Dog gave Patty her nickname. Both patty and Nutty gave Buhdah his nickname because he was so happy and jolly.

The group had often spoke of going on an adventure like special teams,  while barbecuing or hanging out together. so this meant they would finally get to do it!

Skilly told Patty that he was going home to look in the basement for any gear he could find.   Since this was a totally new place to all of them, they decided that Skilly would leave first that next day and recon the area for the group.

Saying good-bye to everyone skilly promised to contact Patty with all the information the second group would need before  he left.

they all waived good-bye as skilly drove  


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