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On the road in Utah, Idaho and Montana

These are just some random pictures I took while on the road between the parks that we went to.

Stopping for lunch at the welcome center to Utah from the Colorado border. This was a long day of traveling for us. This rest area was so remote that the people who worked there were retired volunteers. They were so far from substantial civilization that they lived there the entire summer in their RV! It's very hot here "but its a dry heat so it's not so bad." Yeah! So's my oven, but I don't sit in it!

Me at a restop halfway up a desert mountain pass. We thought we were almost at the top so we stopped to rest the truck. It turned out that we were only about half the way up.

This is a view of a rock formation that we drove by. It really was spectacular and this picture doesn't do it justice but that rock that looks like a sinking ship is probably about a mile long. When we crested a ridge before this (when that formation just came into sight, you can se the far hills in the background) I looked at the odometer. We went down into a valley and by the time we hit this point we had travelled nearly 25 miles!

This is a view of the road (I-15) that streched ahead of us as we entered Idaho. The weather in Utah was hot, like 95 degrees in mid June. When we travelled north of Salt Lake City though, the wind picked up and the temps dropped into the sixtys just like that.

We stopped in Idaho Falls, ID for some lunch at a microbrewery which was just accross the street from the falls. The weather had turned cold and windy.

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. It was taken while we were on a mountain pass in Yellowstone. We had just cleaned my truck that morning in West Yellowstone and I think that's why this picture came out so well.

The day after we left Yellowstone, we did two of the most exciting things of the whole trip. We visited the Louis & Clark Caverns and we went to a Ghost Town. This picture is taken at the entrance to the caverns. We had to hike to this point on the side of a mountain. It was mostly uphill to Diane's disapointment but the view was gorgeous. It was a lot clearer than the picture shows.

I still have more pictures from the real ghost town that we visited in Montana but they are still in Diane's camera.

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