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Random pictures of the midwest

Here are some pictures I took while we were traveling through the midwest We started our trip out from Diane's parents house in NJ. We hit I-70 in Pennsylvania and followed it to its end at I-15 in the middle of Utah. Diane got bored of the midwest very quickly but we did find some interesting things.

This gives you an idea of how flat the country is in Ohio.

We stopped in Indianapolis for our second night and headed out to the racetrack because it was the week before the Indy 500. We thought we were just going to see the racers practice. We paid, signed our lives away on waivers and before I knew what was happening we were following the car in front of us onto the actual speedway! We took one lap around the course. Even though we had to keep our speed below 35mph it was pretty cool.

I stopped to take a picture of the truck on the course and the car behind us stopped to take our picture for us. Just after they took the picture, security came racing up to yell at us for stopping and to tell us to keep moving :)

The next day we passed through McGuire City (I mean St Louis) where we crossed the Mississippi.

We stopped at the Gateway arch for a shaky trip to the top. It was neat but Diane got claustraphobic in the little 5 person cars as we were ratchetted up to the observation room.

View from the top of the Arch looking South. That's I-70 as it crosses the Mighty Mississppi.

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