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Bryce Canyon NP and Kodachrome State Park in Utah

Here are some pictures we took on our trip through Bryce Canyon Nation Park

We took a hike which started from the Sunrise overlook and followed the Queen's Garden trail down into the canyon.

At the bottom, we followed the Wall Street portion of the Navajo look back up to Sunset point overlook.

Wall Street was the most spectacular portion of the canyon to hike through so we didn't mind taking breaks

on our way back up to rest and also to take in the views. Overall the trail lost and gained about 500 vertical feet.

I am going to try to make these pictures larger.

This arch was near the roadway and was not on our hike.

Two views of the canyon seen from the rim.

Two shots of me near the top of the Wall Street Trail

Diane and I at the top of the canyon after our hike

A picture of me at the same spot

The following are several of the shots we took while down in the Wall street canyon

View into the Wall Street formation

You can see the trail in the forground. That's a person standing at the bottom.

We drove along the park's 20 mile road and stopped at some of the pullouts. This picture is taken from one of these.

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