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Kodachrome State Park in Utah

Diane and I camped in this state park named after the film that National Geographic used to document the canyon. The canyon was very pretty but our campsite was dusty and the wind was constantly blowing until after dark. The park has these unique 'spires' (I forgot the real name) which apparently don't occur anywhere else in nature. The spires were formed millions of years ago when the area was home to geysers like the ones in present day Yellowstone After years and years, the geysers dried up and made the spires, I guess like stalagtites. The National Geographic issue tells all about these but it was published in the late forties.

Two pictures of the spires

Two pictures of our campsite in the park. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the rest of the park. This is the campsite where Diane was stung twice by bees in the space of 30 minutes.

As we left the Bryce area the next morning, we drove back through Red Canyon, named for its bright red stone. This was an archway cut through the stone near the canyon.

I will post more photos when I get them.

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