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muskets, rifles, pistols,
black powder firearms
sales and service

Matchlock, snaphaunce, doglock,
flintlock, percussion,
muzzle loading black powder, & cartridge firearms.
swords, bayonets, armor, accessories.

some of the models we offer:
1st,2nd,&3rd Model Brown Bess
French Marine amd Infantry muskets 1696-1800's
Prussian Muskets
Austrian Muskets
British Muskets
U.S. Muskets
Dutch Muskets
Spanish Muskets
Trade guns and Fusils, (French & English)
Sharps Rifles & Carbines
Kentucky and Pennsylvanian rifles

1806 Baker Rifle
1646 Doglock Pistol
We sell ,Import, and Manufacture many high quality reproduction firearms including the above examples and many others, also accessories.
If you are having trouble locating a musket or pistol for your reinactment,
collection, etc., check with us. If we cannot locate it, we will build it!!
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