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Hello first of all my name is Josh Cornelius.

Most testimonies start about gangs and drugs ect... but mine does not.

A long time ago I used to be the kid that would say he was a Christian but just used it as the excuse so i could get attention. "hey whats your religion... PEGAN!" no i said Christian but yet i would go out and cuss at teachers and my friends not i find cussing Childish. I went to a camp Soul Quench i thouyght u was saved but i dont think so. GOD worked so powerfull in my life that week i was broken! but we went to a Mission 2000 trip. I was Broken there too and now hope to be rightious in the eyes of the Living GOD. Last school year kids would cal me "hypocrite" and actully they didnt fully understand the meaning of it. I just think it was a test from GOD. It brought me closer to my Father. So i forgive the people that called me a hypocrite. I still love you in Christ's Blood.