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Shout to the Lord
The Story of Brandon Newman

What I am about to tell you might shock you, confuse you, amaze you, and you might not believe it, but I know it's true. My friend Anthony read me something out of an E.C. Magazine that said if you knew Jesus was coming to your house and you were going to play music for him you would probably play praise tunes instead of dc Talk. Well, my favorite group is dc talk; I have all there CD's. After that, God started speaking to me. He said I should give up my dc Talk and other contemporary Christian music and listen to praise and worship songs. He kept laying this on my heart. I was pretty sure it was God, but I figured there was no way God would demand something like that. I kept saying I don't like that kind of music. Besides there isn't anything wrong with dc Talk. I thought of excuses why it wasnít Him, and was just something in my head. One night I was listening to Wow Worship songs. Everyone was a sleep in bed, and I was contemplating whether or not to give up dc Talk. I desired for Him to make it clearer that it was really He. The only song I really liked was shout to the Lord. I had just got done listening to shout to the Lord and it started playing opens the eyes of my heart Lord, and then by itself it went back and started playing shout to the Lord. Then it rewound and played the end of the song before shout the Lord. The lyrics that I heard went I'll bring you more than a Song. I'll bring you more than a Song. Then it played Shout to the Lord, and the following songs like regular. I started crying and lifting my hands as I praised his name. I believe that the reason the CD player did that was because God made it. He was telling me to give up dc Talk and listen to praise and worship songs. I know the CD player didn't screw up because its brand knew, and so is the CD. No one else came in my room and made it do that. And I know I wasnít asleep. Now I can recognize Godís voice either. So now when He says something I do it!!!