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Hey there all you Jesus Freaks. This is Josh here letting you know that I just might be of help to you. Do you ever want to find something in the Bible, a storie, parable, word, or topic, well I have a few resources that I can use to help you. By using the Zondervan NIV Exaustive Concordance (second edition) I can find any word, anywhere in the Bible. By using the Bible Promise Book, God's Word's of Life, the Youth Walk Devotional Bible, and the Treasure Study Bible, I can find information in the Bible on different topics. I also have the 24 hour counselor tape, that deals with more difficult topics like rape, abuse, and me/my girlfriend is pregnant. I have also taken notes while studying the Bible daily and might be able to reasearch some info for you that way. I can't guarantee you that I will find what you want, but I will try my hardest. So if you are having problems finding what you want in the Bible please let me know by filling out the email-messenger. Thanx.

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