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Hi! My name is Heaven and I am a 30 year old single mother of a very active 71/2 year old. Let me take this time to welcome you to my page. You see I am a Painter and would like to share my work with all of you.

   ..I can paint just about anything you give me, small to large, clear to semi- blurry and if I can't I will let you know.

   ..My rates are pretty reasonable and are always open for discussion as I consider myself to be fair; and yes, I even take payments!

   ..I have placed some samples of my work for you to see and if you like it then e-mail me today and we will talk. Have a great day!

email me at

Below left is a picture that was given to me to "revive". To the right is the completed work.

before sprucing up...
the finished work...

The pictures below are avatars I painted to be used on the internet.

Here is another picture I touched up, again the one to the left is the "before" image and the one on the right is the "after" touch-up image.

before touch-up...
after touch-up...

I was sent the picture below and my goal was to create a sensual and erotic avatar.

"Before Touch-Up"

Before touch-up

"After Touch-Up"

After touch-up

Below is the avatar I created for softkittn, who also created this webpage for me.

click here to view more of my work

If you wish to provide a link to my page, please use the banner below and use the url in your browser window as the link to my page. Please pass along the word that I am available for hire and for individuals to contact me if they wish more information; or redirect them to this page. Thank you. :)

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