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Warriors Council of Rhydin

A Neutral Forum

 This is a smaller forum that is run quite well. It is faster than the larger forums such as UCoR or NCoR and such. For requests it is much faster. Requests such as Enhancers, Reg#s, Audits and such. Instead of taking 2 days to 2 weeks to get these things it may take only a few hrs to 2 days. This was a forum first created for the FoL and WotBR guilds. It once was named after the two guilds but the name was too long. So it was Changed to WCoR. This is a forum of very active people that are here to help the members of the guilds in their forum. This forum should be good for most guilds. It is a neutral forum so they are not like GOTH and other forums that are mostly used for Chaotic guilds. This forum doesnt have too many rules to follow. They can not use the forum as a defence against other guilds though. Seeing as guilds such as CRoW and OSS once did. The rules are simple to follow. This forum is Allied with the E.D,G.E forum.






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