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for a Trainer that Installs its SELF!

Why Does the Trainer Take so long to load?

The Game Diablo Takes about 24Megs of Memory To Run decently. The Trainer Takes about 4 To Open And Display. IF you are Running an Older System, And you have About 24m Of Memory you can expect Just about Nothing to happen while Diablo Is Running. What you Might Want to Do is Open The Trainer WHILE IN CHAT. Opening The Trainer While in A Game Will Be To Harsh on your Memory.

Trainer File Wont Open Or Gives Me a Win32 Error.

Trainers And Other Cheat Files Are In Winzip Format. Winzip is a Free Program Used to Compress Files to Make them Smaller And Easyer To Download. Download your FREE Copy Of Winzip At WWW.WINZIP.COM and Try Opening The File Once Again.

Trainer Causes The Game To Close

As With Any Memory Editing Program, There is Always a Risk of The Game Being Shut Down. The Object of a Trainer isnt to See how many Buttons and Hacks you Can Push, its To use the Hacks that Apply To your Char. Forinstance if you are a Mage, Maybe you Want To grab ALL Spells and Use all Spells. But A Worr might want to Max his Stats To Become Buff. Try and Cut Down On your Cheats, and Don't Mix Trainers.

How Do i Use A Trainer?

Install The Trainer And All Its files into your Diablo Folder. Make a Short Cut to the Trainer on your Desk Top by Draging the Trainer Icon onto the Desktop. Start Diablo. While in Chat, Press ALT+TAB and this Will Bring you back into Windows. Activate your Trainer and the Cheats you Wish to Use. Close the Trainer When you Finish. Press the Diablo Tab at The BOTTOM of your Screen to Return to Diablo. **Note that Cheats like MAX STATS must be turned on while in a game**

How Do i Dupe Items With a Trainer

Activate your Trainer and The Dupe ITems. Enter A game. While in the game, Pick up the item you wish to make a Copy Of. Put that Item Back Into your Inventory. Click a Empty Spot on Your inventory. This should make a Copy. Throw That New Item On the Ground. Pick it Back up and you have a Legit Copy Of the First Item.

How To I Use Item Packages

Item Packages need to be unpacked into your DiabloFolder Using Winzip. Use the EXTRACT button on Winzip to Unload them into your Diablo Folder. Once they have been Extracted You can Now Use A Trainer ( i suggjest BoBaMiNi For this ) To import them into a Game. you can Grab all the Needed Importaint Files from

This Page here


This will install BoBaMiNi .

Start Diablo. Enter A game. Press ALT+TAB and load BoBaMiNi. Use the items button. Select Import. Locate the Item you Wish to Bring into the game. Save your Changes. RETURN TO DIABLO. **IMPORTAINT** You must Drop the Item on the Ground BEFORE you Move your Char. Than Pick up the item. it is now safe to move.

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