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Hawaiian Mafia


The Hawaiian Mafia is a small group of renegade convicts who disguise their true motivations by posing as a surf-rock band. Composed of three members (Clint Needham, Chris Lefebvre and Jeff Pederson), these rag-tag misfits formed the Mafia in September of 1998 and have been disturbing the peace in the Saskatoon area ever since. The Mafia have staged such devious demonstrations as the ABCI Coffeehouse, the NCYC Bassment Affair and the Vimy Memorial Crisis. Our experts have managed to intercept and decode several messages between the syndicate group and the one they call Booberoo, and from what we can tell they not only plan to sell an album jam-packed with rockin' tunes and cryptic subliminal messages, but also out do themselves with a show so spectacular it will shake the very foundations of our fair town. If all goes as planned, no one will be safe. The conspiracy runs on dangerous ground and suspects involved in the case go as high as Chris Krieger of Global News himself! Will the Hawaiian Mafia reign terror over its audience once again? Only time will tell....

Agent of BWANA

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