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This page is for anyone who ever wondered about stuff concerning us, the webmasters (for instance, favourite characters, T.V. shows, our gender, etc.) Both of us write our own info seperately, so it might be different things on each section. If you have any questions, e-mail us (the link is on the main page. Look for the revolving "e") and we'll answer them on this page.


Ahhh finally a page that I can do by myself! 'Cause Soupnazi isn't her to boss me around! She beats me! Seriously! Anyway back to me, so ya wanna learn about me, well here I go!

Head: Yep got one of them.

Nose: Got on of them too, with two nostrils in it.

Eyes: Two huge green eyes! Most people say they're see-through and to tell you the truth that scares me. Oh and I have reading glasses (I don't wear them much, just for reading)

Mouth: you get the idea.

Hair: Naturally brown but currently red

Favorite show: Popular, The View, Daria, Survivor, Friends.

Favorite actress: Kirsten Dunst, Angelina Jolie and Lisa Kudrow, They're all hot.

Favorite actor: My dog, I'm serious! He's amazing!

Favorite Movie: Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, Girl, interrupted, Good Will Humping.

Favorite Musician(s): Our Lady Peace, Alanis Morissette, Bif Naked, Melanie Doane, Matthew Good Band.

Favorite Song(s): Strange Days by Matthew Good Band, Daddy's Getting Married by Bif Naked, Thief by Our Lady Peace

Nationality: Canadian! YEAH CANADA ROCKS!

Favorite invention: The toilet.

Favorite GenXer: Monet. And I don't know why everyone says she's the character you love to hate, I just plain love her!

Favorite book: I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan.

Other interesting tidbits that nobody needs to know: I can speak to languages: English and French. I play piano, guitar, harmonica and drums. I have a dog who can act, I hate Soupnazi's damn retardo jokes. I love Gap advertisements. I'm the original founder of this site but if Soupnazi hadn't come along it would have sucked so hard! I've never been stung by a bee or a wasp. My school is infested with wasps. I gag whenever I see pictures of Howie from the BSB. I plan on never drinking coffee. I sucked my thumb until I was six. I shudder everytime I here Mmmbop. I like purple polkadot pancakes, I see purple polkadot people, my bologna has a first name.


Hello! This is my little corner of the site to post any and all information about ME! that I think you ought to know. Maybe then, and only then, will you finally understand ME! and MY! own special K brand of humour. (In other words, you'll know why exactly the jokes on this site are so retarded. Don't blame Newt, he does whatever I tell him to.)

Age: 16 (going on 17. Like that Sound Of Music song. You know, the one that Liesel and Ralph sing during the rain storm. "You are 16 going on 17." That's all I know. Damn, now that song is in my head. Do you ever notice how I tend to ramble when I write?)

Nationality: Canadian. And darn proud of it too. (Didn't you notice how I spelled so many words with "ou," like humour and favourite and colour? Did you just think that I'm a really bad speller? Well I'm not.)

Height: 5'7" (like you care.)

Weight: Yeah right, like I'm really gonna put that. And don't e-mail me and ask either, cause I'm not gonna answer you. Nyah nyah!

Marital status: Single (and looking for love! I'm joking.)

Eyes: 2. No seriously, they're green. Or blue. Or gray-green. Or blue-green. No one I know can agree on the exact colour. Apparently, it changes.

Hair: Brown. Look at the picture. (I really look like that, honest. In fact, I'm often confused for a Barbie Doll.)

Band Instrument: French Horn. The twisty, gold thing with the really big bell.)

Favourite GenXer: Paige. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's cause she's a Guthrie.

Favourite male X-character: If you couldn't tell already (and you'd have to be blind not to), It's Cannonball, a.k.a Sam Guthrie. (Isn't he dreamy?)

Favourite female X-character: Jean Grey. Once again, if you've been to my "Favourite Characters Gallery" you'd know.

Favourite actress(es): I really love all the classic film actresses, like Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Munroe, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, etc. But, for the young crowd who don't know who the hell these people are, I'll just say Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Favourite actor(s): This is a little harder. Just let me think. Harrison Ford is good. I like Ben Affleck. Uhh, that's all for now.

Favourite movie: Princess Bride (It's a great movie, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.) Also, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, a great Marilyn Monroe musical. Lastly, Scream. The best (by far) of the trilogy, it's funny and scary with a good plot that makes sense. Plus, goat boy lives in it, as opposed to the 2nd one.

Favourite T.V. show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (If you don't watch it, do. It kicks major ass.) Survivor, Popular, Roswell, Angel, and lots of others. I watch a lot of TV.

Favourite book: Anything by Dave Barry (he's hilarious), biographies of celebrities from the 20's to the 60's, and mysteries. Especially Patricia Cornwell novels. They're great, you (all of you) should try them.

Favourite band(s): First and foremost, Our Lady Peace. They rock! I don't know if you get them in the states (I think you do) but if you like alternative music, then listen to them. Also, Matthew Good Band, another great Canadian group. Plus, NSYNC. (I'm not joking. They're hot and they can sing, which is always a plus.)

Favourite song(s): Right now, "Thief" by OLP, "Strange Days" by Matthew Good, and "It's Gonna Be Me" by NSYNC.

Some words about the site & title: I came up with it, plain and simple. Newt, who had started the site himself was planning on calling it a Monet St. Croix Fanpage or somethink lame like that, and I said: "No way! Call it something like, I don't know, Le Château St. Croix." So he used the title, and I ended up working on the site with him. It was originally on Geocities, until Newt accidentally trashed an applet, so we couldn't alter or even take down the site. (Newt and I both speak fairly fluent french, hence the french title. Literally translated, the title means the castle St. Croix.)

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