Welcome to our page for updates (and there are a lot of them). The main page was getting too crowded, so we put all our past and present updates here. Lately, we've been updating fools! But don't worry, once our page gets to be a certain size, we'll only update every 6 months or so.

04/21/01 - Sheee's Baaack!!! Well, it's been awhile, but what can I say? I'm lazy. Not much tonight, two new group pics, and two new very worthy organizations joined (found in webrings section).

11/09/00 - I updated my diary. Newt has an update, but he obviously isn't putting it up yet. Thank you.

10/08/00 - I live! After over a month without updates, I finally came back. Since Newt is, once again, absolutely no help (good thing he doesn't read this, or I'd be in trouble!) I have stayed up until 2 am in order to bring you something on this Thanksgiving weekend (In Canada). Okay, I updated my diary, finally wrote the next part of Big Bro 2, and added a new section, called FFC under misc. Enjoy. I don't know when the next update will come.

08/30/00 - Well. here I am, two minutes into Wednesday with a real update. After much suspense and procrastination, Big Brother 2 is finally up in the humour section, or the banner on the main page. I hope you enjoy the first part. On a more serious (not really) note, as we quickly approach not only two-thousand visitors to our site, but our site's first year anniversary, I am just reminiscing about how fun this last year has been. Ahh. Well I'm done. Please sign the guestbook, especially if you're the big number 2000 in the year 2000. I bid you adieu.

08/28/00 - I put up a little (very little) something in our much neglected Disturbing Behaviour section, and put up the Paige doll again, because we had screwed some little thing up.

08/28/00 - Hi, Newt here. I updated my rants page, that's all.

08/23/00 - Also updated my diary. Warning: contains blatant Survivor spoilers, if you care.

08/23/00 - Small update again. I just had to do one before I go on vacation for a few days. I linked to Newt's new KISS site, which has his non-X-Men related dolls, cause we don't put them on our page. The link can be found on the KISS page. Anyway, byebye, have a good summer, I have to watch who wins Survivor.

08/14/00 - Well, no real update this time. I redid the main page once again. This is probably the third time in three months. Can you say overkill? Anyway, we have a lot of ideas for updates, but not not a lot of time to do them, and no idea where to start. I am very sorry.

08/04/00 - Finally, a real update! After much anticipation, our Paige doll is finally up in the KISS section. Check it out.

07/28/00 - Small updates here and there. Posted 1 new GenX picture, 1 new link, and 1 entry into my diary. (Sensing a pattern here? You guessed it, laziness.)

07/26/00 - Not much again. Revamped our links page, took out some dead links, put in a couple more. I still promise a bigger update soon. Me and Newt are tossing around some ideas.

07/20/00 - In case you haven't noticed, tonight I decided to take an hour or three and screw around with the look of the site. Like it? You better. I also added a webrings page. Yes, I know this is exciting, but please calm down. I don't want to be responsible for any heart attacks, okay?

07/18/00 - I updated my diary a little. That's all. Oh, I added a few webrings. Exciting, huh? Ohhh yeah. Still working on our KISS doll (almost done, just need to wrap up the minor details.) Newt and I are each working on our own KISS projects, but I'll try to do a better update soon. Bye.

07/09/00 - Well, not much today. Or in the past week. (Whoops!) Anyhoo, I put up a new game, spiffed up the site a little, and that's all. Me and Newt have been working very hard on a Paige KISS doll for the past week, it should be up soon. Goodnight.

07/01/00 - I added 5 new dolls to the Kiss dolls page.

06/29/00 - Here are the promised updates, as promised: updates to my diary, the banners, meet the webmasters, and a new page called KISS dolls. Also changed the look of the site, if the main page is hard to read, tell me, I'll change it.

06/29/00 - Well, we finally updated again. We just took a little break (okay, a long break). I finally got around to changing the look of the site (no more Christmas stuff. and it's only June!). More later today.

P.S-looks like we fulfilled the promise at the top of the page!