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This is our page for Marvel Top 10 lists. If you have any comments, e-mail them to us, but be nice. Yes, I know they suck, but Newt and I took time out of our day to write them, and that's 15 minutes we'll never get back. Okay, I'm done. Anywhoo, if you think you can do better, send it to us and we'll post it. Maybe.

Top 10 reasons Iíd Want to be a Woman in the Marvel Universe

By: Soupnazi

10. Cool powers!
9. You never have to shave your legs.
8. Youíre guaranteed a gorgeous boyfriend
7. You never age! (and in some cases, you de-age. Think Jubilee)
6. No matter who your parents are , or what you eat or do you automatically look like a super model.
5. Youíre always healthy. (Well, except for when you get beaten to a bloody pulp by en evil mutant.)
4. You get hair that defies the laws of nature and gravity.
3. Thereís always something to do, someone to beat up.
2. You never have to interrupt your day with pesky chores such as putting on makeup, brushing you teeth, sleeping, eating, showering, working, etc.
1. Itís never "that time of month."

Top 10 reasons Itíd Rock to be a Guy in the Marvel Universe

By: Newt

10. You never have to work but you still get to live in a mansion.
9. 3 words: Angst is fun.
8. If you die you have a 99% chance of coming back.
7. Youíre never at a loss for snappy comebacks.
6. Youíre surrounded by hot girls in spandex
5. Youíre guaranteed a beautiful girlfriend.
4. You get to blow stuff up.
3. You get to wear spandex without getting made fun of.
2. You get to look like you're on steroids! Without really being on steroids!
1. You get to wear your underwear on the outside! On purpose!

Top 10 Things Generation X Will Never Say

By: Soupnazi & Newt

10. Artie: "Hello."
9. Synch: "I wonder if X-Force needs a new member?"
8. Chamber: "Come on guys, think positive!"
7. Skin: "Smoking causes cancer, thereís no way Iíd touch those death sticks."
6. Banshee: "Iím the long lost twin brother of the Lucky Charms leprechaun."
5. Monet: "Hey Jubilee, letís go shopping so I can get some of those fabulous clothes you wear."
4. Jubilee: "Who cares what I did with the X-Men. They suck!"
3. Husk: "Screw studying. Letís go party and get drunk!"
2. Miss Frost: "I would never wear that! Thereís children around."
1. Jubilee: "Letís not fight crime tonight guys. I hear thereís a great documentary on the Discovery channel!"

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