Soupnazi's Favourite Characters Gallery

This page is for my all time favourite X characters. Not too many different people, just a lot of pics.

Jean Grey: Phoenix

Jean gets my vote for best female Marvel character ever. She's been my fav ever since the first comic I read (which just happened to be X-Men #1. And no, I'm not that old. My friend had an old original copy) Maybe it's got something to do with my always wanting red hair, but she's just cool. And powerful to boot. She was, and still is, the best, most original and well created female in any comic book. But that's just my humble opinion, and heaven knows I'm hardly an expert on the X-Men, having only read a handful of comics in my life. I really like the romance with her and Cyclops, and no matter how convoluted it has been, their relationship in one of the most enduring in the X universe. Anyway, here's my favourite pictures that I've found on the net of Jean.

I like this uniform, and this is the best full length pic of her in it

I never really liked this costume or the whole Phoenix saga, but this is a nice picture

This is a cool pic, very nice art

I love this picture! It's by far the best I've seen. Great art, great colouring. Bravo to the artists who did this

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