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Hi everybody! This is where I'll be posting anything I feel like. From my day to complaining about a new song you'll find it here for the low low price of $5.99! Ummm nevermind.

8/30/00- Hi again! I FINALLY saw the X-Men movie, me and a friend went to the theatre last night and saw it. It was AWESOME! On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 15.9, The acting was good, especially Anna Paquin, I thought she would suck as Rogue but she was really good and it doesn't hurt that she's really cute :) Anyways, the other day I was browsing through a used book store when I found these two boxes of comics, naturally I looked through them but to my dissapointment there were no X-Men just a bunch of Conan, Richie Rich and Star Trek, but then I spotted to issues of DAZZLER!!!! Of Course I bought them because I've always liked Dazzler and they were a buck each. I never realized what a fad character she was! The mirrored costume, Farrah hair and rollerscates made me laugh but the comic was really good and was in pretty good condition seeing where I found it. Well gotta go, Ciao!

8/28/00- Holy Moly! I havn't updated my rants in SO long! I can't believe that summer vacation is almost over :( I hate winter with a passion, I think I should move to California or Florida so I don't have to have winter then I can fly back to Canada for Christmas because it just wouldn't be the same without snow. I really havn't updated a lot this summer it's just that I have become very absorbed in making Kiss dolls and putting up my kiss site, as you can see on my site I have a lot of dolls in the works too. I've also been chatting a lot this summer on Yahoo!, I'm usually in Survivor or Big Brother rooms. I can't believe Rich won Survivor! That sucks! He was my least favorite person on the island, I think Colleen should have won and what was with that speech Sue made to Kelly? I was so mad after that! Oh well, I've been watching Big Brother a lot too I just LOVE Britney :) I just got the new Everclear CD the other day from what I've listened to it's seems okay I also got a copy of Dick with Kirsten Dunst it is such a funny movie! I recommend it very strongly. Oh and by the way on Yahoo! chat my name is usually Newt_111. I should go now, ciao!

11/11/99- Hey all! How's it going? All's fine here. I am SO addicted to the new game we got! It's weird but I can't stop playing it! You definitely have to try it. Soupnazi and me are workin' on a new section so hopefully that'll be along soon, and could people who visit our site please E-mail us or sign our guestbook!? I wanna know your opinion. Today is rememberance day for all you Canadians and you know what that means NO SCHOOL!! Hahahahahahahah! I realize that my rants are no ways near as long as soup's but I just can't write as well as her, and I don't have the attention span either. Well see ya! Bye, Newt

10/23/99- Hi. I'm not happy I just went to Marvel X and read Uncanny X-Men #11 I am not happy at all! When I read a fic that dissapoints me I get sick. I know, Iknow it's sick and weird but that's me. I have the song "Feelin' alright" by LEN in my head. But that's noe exactly bad. Well gotta run.

10/22/99- Hi! It's been forever since I wrote in this, not that anyone reads it! Once again I beg you to send us E-Mail because we wanna know what you think of the site! Well anyways nothin' really knew with me, well my day was fine I got a little sick around luchtime though. I got some studyin' to do this weekend, I got two tests on Monday. That's all, wel see yas! Newt

10/10/99- Hi again! Thanks Giving is tomorrow :) I just wanna ask everyone to please E-mail me! Soupnazi has ICQ so she can talk to everyone but I don't and it's kind of a pain in the ass. My E-mail is bye!

10/9/99- Well, well how do ya like my rants page? Guess what! Come on guess! Fine then be that way, I might be getting a fish or two or three. So if you've got a name that you think would be a good goldfish name send it to me!

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