Newt's Favorite X people Gallery

Hiya people Newt here! This is my gallery of my favorite X-people like Psylocke, Angel, Moonstar,Blink etc. feel free to enter and look around. Oh and if you've got some nice pictures of the people below or others send 'em to me!

Psylocke is in my opinion THE ultimate X-woman! She's tough she's pretty and she's just cool. I like this picture 'cause well, its just an awesome picture!
Dani Moonstar is awesome! She's just really cool, I'm really looking for some nice Dani pictures so if ya got 'em please send 'em!
I'm not really a big fan of Storm but I love her costume and her hair so I decided to put up a picture of her.
Another picture of the lovely Psylocke. I really love this picture alot. What's not to love?

I like dazzler she's pretty cool and I really like her power.

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