Monet's Bio

Name: Monet St. Croix

Codename: M

Age: 16

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Place Of Birth: Monaco

X Group: Generation X

First Appearance: During the phalanx covenant (Uncanny X-Men #316)

Power(s): Monet has many powers, including flight, superstrength, telepathy, night vision, and above average intelligence.

Family: Mother (deceased), father (Cartier St. Croix), brother (Marius St. Croix, A.K.A Emplate), twin sisters (Claudette and Nicole)

Relationships: Jubilee- these two are constantly arguing. Monet finds Jubilee childish and annoying, while jubilee dislikes Monet's snobby attitude.

Everett- possible love interest.

Emma Frost- Monet dislikes Ms. Frost.

Monet doesn't really have relationships with the rest of the team.

History: We were first introduced to Monet during the phalanx covenant thing, when she was kidnapped by the phalanx along with Paige, Angelo, Clarice (Blink, who died soon after they met) and Gregor (? Oh, well he's not important.) As far as I know, the phalanx were trying to figure out how to assimilate mutants ( la Borg) and were experimenting on them. Gregor turned out to be a phalanx spy, Monet got rid of him then freed the rest of the kids from the techno-organic cocoon type thing they were in. Then they fought the phalanx along with White Queen, Banshee, Synch, Jubilee, and Sabretooth, won thanks to Blink, and lived happily ever after. Actually, Prof X then formed GenX and Monet joined. (Keep in mind I never actually read the phalanx covenant stuff, just a novel of it that a friend of mine had. That was back before I was a fan.) After Monet joined, she had some odd behaviour, i.e spacing out when she had intense thoughts. It turned out that she was not Monet, but her twin sisters fused together to be Monet, while the real McCoy was trapped in the shell of Penance. Then the twins, umm defused I think, then they replaced Monet as Penance, freeing her. GenX also found out that Emplate was Monet's older brother Marius, who I think killed Monet's mother. Recently the twins exited the Penance shell thanks to an explosion in one of the school's buildings, and Cartier St. Croix, their dad, came back to see everyone and said he was going to take Monet out of the academy. Oh, and the Penance shell is apparently alive. Confusing, yes very. But then again, I never read the comic, so I could be wrong.

Soupnazi's Take On The Penance Thing: It's stupid. And confusing. I mean really, the twins fused to become their older sister, who was mysteriously trapped as the mute girl dumped on their front lawn by Gateway. How did they fuse? What kind of power let them do that? Did I miss the explanation? (not that it would have helped) Probably, but it still sucks. So now the current writer is trying to fix the Hama mess by getting everyone back to their right bodies and letting Penance be her own wild and crazy girl. But why did an explosion free the twins? It would make more sense if it killed them.( I don't want them dead, I'm just saying that it would make more sense.) I know Marvel isn't known for their plausible plots, but really. I guess I'm saying I don't like it. I'm getting the same headache I get from thinking about the whole Jean/Pheonix/Maddie thing. I need Tylenol.

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