Ever wonder what a Barbie of your favourite GenX female would look like? No? Well we did. And thanks to www.barbie.com, we were able to make that dream a reality. So ladies and gentlemen, may we present the 2000 line of GenX Barbies:

Glamorous 'n Glitzy Emma

Emma is all ready for a night on the town in her green floral print silk dress with faux fur shawl! Includes:
Skintight white leather bustier and pants, shoes with 6 inch heels, to go from pleasure to business!
Pink mirror to check her hair before destroying evil mutants or going on a big date!

So Sophisticated Monet

Monet is looking classy in her denim skirt with matching bag, red jacket and white t-shirt! Includes:
Two textbooks: Advanced Calculus and Shi'ar mechanics, to read in her spare time!
Battle uniform!
Kung-fu grip, to beat the crap out of Emplate!

Make sure to collect the other St. Croix family Barbies:
Basketball Emplate
Bowling Party Nicole and Claudette
Transformer Penance

Country Girl Paige

Paige is ready for class in her denim overalls, striped shirt, and backpack! Includes:
1 beer bottle, for those weekend binges!
Good hair, not that crappy short style!
Battle uniform!
Put her in cold water, and her skin changes to stone!

Make sure to collect the other Guthrie Barbies:
Kentucky Fried Paige, who speaks 10 real Kentucky phrases with the push of a button
Super Steroid Sam from the early X-Force collection

So-Cal Sparking Jubilee

Jubilee looks perfect for a trip to the mall or to the X-Mansion in her brown floral print bell-bottoms, teal shirt, and trademark yellow trenchcoat! Includes:
Battle uniform!
1 box of Sugar Bombs for maximum hyperness!
Shoots sparks out of her hands when you pull a lever on her back!

Make sure to collect the other Jubilee Barbies:
Talking Jubilee, who says 10 phrases beginning with :"When I was in the X-Men"!
Totally Hair Jubilee, whose hair can grow or shorten instantly!
Interactive Jubilee and Monet: Put them together, and they trade insults!

Pretty in Pink Soupnazi
(not technically in the Generation X collection)

Soupnazi is ready for prom in her pink satin dress with skirt that you can see up a mile away, pink satin gloves, and real pink racoon fur shawl! Includes:
Lime green 1 piece jumpsuit for school days!
Computer, to update website!
  • Pull back her arm, push a button, and she really slaps Newt when he says something dumb!
    Also, says 10 actual retarded jokes from Soupnazi's private collection!

    Make sure to collect the other Barbies in the Webmasters Collection:
    Ricky Martin Wannabe Newt with hip swinging action! Press a button on his back, and he sings "Livin' La Vida Loca" out of tune, without getting a single word right!

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    Disclaimer: Barbie, Generation Girl, and all the gorgeous fashions pictured here belong exclusively to Mattel. Ricky Martin belongs to himself, or maybe his record company. His song belongs to whoever. We are not making any money from this.