Disturbing Behaviour

This is the page for all the crazy, funny, and even scary things that Newt and I have done somehow involving Generation X (and in some cases other X-teams)

Have you ever seen that ad for Dove antiperspirant with the older lady at the dance lesson? Well I saw it one day with Newt, and here's my joke:
(Just so you know, Ad=the television advertisement, Me=Soupnazi, and Newt=Newt. Got it? Good.)
Ad: I have their energy, plus years of wisdom. But who wants to dance with wisdom?
Me: Kitty.
Newt: Huh?
Me: Kitty Pryde...wisdom...get it?
Newt: No.

Well there you go, that's it.

Newt has a dream to add sometime to this page, but for now you'll have to be content with the couple of stupid and embarrassing things I've (Soupnazi) done lately:

Actually thought my mom asked me if Betsy was home. I almost told her Psylocke wasn't real

Laughed to myself in geometry when the teacher said line segment EV

When my mom and sister were talking about a very immature guy, I laughed to myself and almost said "oh yeah, Bobby's like that all the time" before I caught myself and realized the he wasn't a real person

Accidentally called my friend Julia Jubilee (oops! They really sound kinda similar. Really.)

Sometime this summer I (Newt) had the weirdest dream about GenX. Itís kinda short and kinda stupid, but here it is:

I joined the academy even though I had no powers. I walked up to the door and was greeted by Sean who was in his underwear, he said hello but for some reason I ignored him. I walked into the building and saw a whole bunch of stain glass windows (it looked like achurch). Then I went into the kitchen and started eating ice cream, and Monet came in and looked out the window. I then stood up and told her to get her head out of her butt. I walked up these really long stairs and found my room, I was sharing it with Ev. When I walked in I looked around and there was a huge picture of Jubilee on the wall, so I tore it off the wall. Ev's face turned red and Husk ran out of the room crying (?) Then Miss Frost told us to go to the danger room so we all ran to it. When we all got there we started using our powers on each other and then I used my power (?) and blew up Angelo's head. Jubilee got mad at him and ran off. That was the end. If anyone can tell me what it means then please do.

Once again I had a strange dream. It's not really about GenX but anyway here it goes:

I was at Soupnazi's house eating Thanksgiving dinner with the X-Men, Monet, Paige and Cannonball. Soupnazi was sitting on the couch watching T.V, flirting with Cannonball and looking at a magazine with Jean, while Warren and Psylocke snuggled on the floor. Logan and Scott were in the basement and I was baking with Shadowcat in the kitchen. Then the Marauders came and attacked. They killed Colossus by shooting him through the window. My dog ran downstairs and Soupnazi went to the living room to watch TV. Psylocke and Angel got really mad so they ran outside and killed Scalphunter and Prism but Psylocke got hurt so Warren took her back home. Then back inside Husk got shot in the arm and Sam had to fly her back to mama. Then Arclight, Storm(?), and some girl that looked like Jean Grey with a ponytail and a big orange space suit broke in the house. Space suit lady tied up Soupnazi and then knocked out Jean Grey, which made Cyclops mad, so he knocked her out but fell unconscious afterwards. Storm came up behind me and was about to crack my neck when Shadowcat killed her but Arclight knocked her out. Arclight was about to kill me when.....(c'mon ya know the suspense is killing you).... Monet ran in with a gun and killed her! For she's a conquering hero! And then we all ate Thanksgiving dinner at the table.

From Pammmcp:

Well I must own every thing the GenXers do.Such as a Tinky winky Telletubby stuffed toy found in GenX 55 on the first page, Pikachu earings, a leather jacket, ect.
I also had a dream about GenerationX:

It began with me sitting in my bedroom, when I decided to jump out the window. When I landed I found that Emplate was standing there waiting for me. So I ran and he stood there. I ran for a long, long time passing many many trees when I said "I'm in a forest." I then turned around and saw Jubes batteling Emplate. She then grabbed me by the hand and ran some more. And this kept continuing over and over again until I woke up. And I've had this dream several times.

Done anything stupid connected with GenX lately? Had a crazy dream about them? Or do you display any sick and/or obsessive behaviour concerning them? Send it in, because we all like to revel in others' misfortune or insanity. Make sure to put your name on it.

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