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Purity Test

This test is so easy & fun! See how much Catch 22 have corrupted your life!
Just check the box if your answer is "yes". You'll get a lil rating at the end, but it doesn't mean much.

  1. First of all, have you heard of Catch 22?
  2. Have you ever seen them live?
  3. ...more than once?
  4. ...3-5 times?
  5. ...more than 5 times?
  6. Do you own "Keasbey Nights"?
  7. ..."Washed Up?"
  8. ..."Rules of the Game?"
  9. Can you name all the current members of Catch 22?
  10. ...and past members?
  11. Have you ever met a member of Catch 22?
  12. ...more than one?
  13. ...all of them?
  14. Have they ever stayed at your house?
  15. Have you ever been onstage with Catch 22?
  16. Did you sing?
  17. ...into the microphone?
  18. Have you ever videotaped a Catch 22 show?
  19. ...made a bootleg recording of a Catch 22 show?
  20. ... taken pictures at a Catch 22 show?
  21. Do you know the lyrics to some C22 songs?
  22. ...all of them?
  23. ...even the new ones from the not-yet-released CD?
  24. Have you ever described yourself as being "in love" with a member of C22?
  25. And you're not a chick?
  26. Do you own a Catch 22 shirt?
  27. ...and wear it frequently?
  28. ...every day?
  29. Do you make your friends listen to Catch 22?
  30. Have you tried to convert your friends into C22 fans?
  31. ...and it worked?
  32. Have you listened to Catch 22 in the past week?
  33. ...day?
  34. ...hour?
  35. Are you listening to Catch 22 right now?
  36. Do you have Catch 22's official website bookmarked?
  37. Do you have any C22 fan sites bookmarked?
  38. Do you have a Catch 22 fan site?
  39. Have you ever emailed, written to, etc. anyone in Catch 22?
  40. Do you regularly communicate with anyone in Catch 22?
  41. Are you friends with anyone in Catch 22?
  42. Are you dating anyone in Catch 22?
  43. Are you, indeed, a member of Catch 22? (wow, that'd be cool)
  44. If not, do you wish you were?
  45. When you see a "22" do you write "Catch" above it & vice-versa?
  46. Is your favorite number "22"?
  47. Is your favorite band Catch 22?
Thanx for takin' the test!

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