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I can remember coming home from Junior High every afternoon and rushing to deliver my papers in order to catch Robotech at 4:30pm every afternoon. I didn't know at the time that this series was adapted from 3 completely unrelated Japanese series. All I knew was that I could spend half an hour of each afternoon watching Rick, Lisa, Minmei and company in an epic story of love, war and the problems of growing up.
Finding the novelizations by Jack McKinney in a local bookstore was a blessing since the channel that was airing Robotech got about 6 episodes into The New Generation before looping over and starting again. These novels allowed me to find out what happened. At present, there are 21 novels. The proposed reading order by the author is:

The Macross Saga (First Robotech War)
Robotech 1-6
The Malcontent Uprisings
Robotech 19
The Sentinels
Robotech: The Sentinels 1-5
Robotech Masters (Second Robotech War)
Robotech 20: The Masters Gambit
Robotech 7-9
New Generation (Third Invid War)
Robotech 21: Before the Invid Storm
Robotech 10-12
Robotech 18: The End of the Circle
There are 85 episodes of the original series plus 3 of the ill-fated Sentinels project. Robotech today lives on through comic form from Antartic Press.

What is Robotech? That question is best answered by Bill Spangler in an article from Robotech #0 which is reprinted here without permission in the hope that new fans are drawn into the epic saga known as Robotech. [The copyright for this piece belongs to Academy Comics]

What does the future hold for Robotech? That question is best left to the creator of Robotech, Mr. Carl Macek. Again, my apologies are offered to Academy Comics (especially Todd Hill) for reprinting without permission. This is presented in the hopes of attracting new fans to this fantastic series. [The copyright for this piece belongs to Academy Comics]

What can we expect from Antartic Press when they begin publishing new Robotech books? This is best answered by the head man himself, Ben Dunn in an interview appearing in the January 1997 Previews. Again, my apologies are offered to Diamond Comics Distributing and Ben Dunn for reprinting without permission. This is presented in the hopes of attracting new fans (and boosting circulation on this title) to this fantastic series. [The copyright for this piece belongs to Diamond Comics Distributing]

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  • The Roots of Robotech by Bill Spangler

    One of the images that everyone associates with Robotech is that of the transforming robot. It's a stereotype in some ways, but it's a good symbol in others. As a series, Robotech has gone through more than it's share of changes.

    Robotech began life in America as a syndicated TV series. But, even before that the characters and mecha from the show were familiar to Japanese viewers.

    The story we know as Robotech actually comes from three different Japanese shows : Super Dimension Fortress Macross; Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospaeda. These shows were turned into a continuous storyline by Harmony Gold Productions, then led by Carl Macek.

    A commonly-asked question about Robotech is whether the three original shows were actually connected. The short answer to that question is: not really.

    The long answer to that question goes like this: "Macross" and "Southern Cross" were part of a trio of shows that were designed to have a similar look and similar transforming mecha. (The third show was called Super Dimension Century Orguss). But these three shows all had separate plots. "Mospaeda" was not even part of that set.

    The folks at Harmony Gold tied these three stories together by saying that they took place at different times in a decades-long war. Two alien races -- the Robotech Masters and the Invid - were fighting for control of the Protoculture Matrix, a source of great power. And the human race was lodged squarely in the middle.

    You can blame Zor, the renegade Robotech Master, for that. He was trying to cripple the tyrannical empire the other Masters built by sending his exploration ship, the SDF-1 (jam packed with alien technology and cosmic secrets) out into the void of space. But all he really accomplishes is attracting the rival races to Earth due to the fact that the SDF-1 crashes on the small South Pacific Island, Macross.

    The three components of the original Robotech are usually called "The Macross Saga", "Robotech Masters" and "The New Generation".

    In "The Macross Saga," humanity learns enough about the alien technology in the SDF-1 to build the first generation of Veritechs and to launch the starship. But the Robotech Defense Force will need all that information and more to defeat the Zentraedi, the giant warriors created by the Robotech Masters. The Zentraedi are on a mission to retrieve the lost vessel at any cost.

    "Robotech Masters" takes place roughly 15 years after "The Macross Saga." The lead character is Dana Sterling, the daughter of two characters in the first part. Dana and her squad of hovertank jockeys face a direct attack from the Robotech Masters. Events during this war attract the Invid (the Robotech Master's hated enemies) to Earth, sparking the third part--

    --"The New Generation." In this story arc, humanity learns what the Invid want with the Protoculture and what they are willing to sacrifice to keep it away from the aliens.

    The Robotech television show ran during the mid-1980's. It was accompanied by a line of novelizations; a series of comic book adaptations; a line of toys and even a theatrical film (although that appeared only in a few markets). Harmony Gold intended to add a fourth part to the series, "The Sentinels," but various factors kept that from happening. Only three episodes of this new story arc were ever produced.

    However, enough scripts and story outlines were written that Eternity Comics, an imprint of Malibu Graphics, were able to publish the Sentinels as a comic. Jack McKinney also adapted these scripts into the novel form.

    Eternity Comics has also published a significant number of new stories set in the Robotech universe. This was the point when I got involved with the series. For Eternity, I wrote The Malcontent Uprisings, Cyberpirates and the first year of Return to Macross. I also scripted and co-plotted Invid War with Tim Eldred.

    Along with these stories, Eternity published The Legacy of Zor by John and Jason Waltrip and Invid War Aftermath by Bruce Lewis and David Lanphear.

    The powers at Malibu have decided to channel their energy in different directions but Academy Comics Ltd will be picking up where they left off. [Note: Since this article has seen print, Antartic Press has bought the rights to produce the Robotech line - DA] And Academy is joining the game when more people are discovering Robotech.

    The original Robotech episodes are running on the Sci-Fi Channel as part of its Cartoon Quest each weekday morning (check local listings). Many video chains and comic book stores are carrying these episodes on tape. (The animation created for The Sentinels is also available on tape). Del Rey is reprinting the Robotech paperbacks and is planning to add at least two new novels to its line. [The Zentraedi Rebellion, The Master's Gambit and Before the Invid Storm have been released.]

    Academy's plans start with reviving The Sentinels; Return to Macross and Invid War Aftermath.

    The Sentinels features Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes and many of the other stars from "The Macross Saga." They are leading an expedition to the Tirol system, in an attempt to make peace with the Robotech Masters. Once there, they encounter the Invid, and the Sentinels, a group of aliens fighting to wrest control of their various worlds away from the Invid. This story is set between the events of "The Macross Saga" and "Robotech Masters." John and Jason Waltrip are continuing as the creative team.

    Return to Macross can actually be described as a prequel to "The Macross Saga." It is set on Macross Island, before the Zentraedi invade. Humanity is struggling to learn the secrets of the SDF-1 and various factions are struggling to obtain control of the starship. The featured characters are Roy Fokker; Claudia Grant, Emil Lang and Captain Gloval from "The Macross Saga," along with T.R. Edwards from The Sentinels. I'll be writing the book and Wes Abbot will be penciling.

    Invid War Aftermath follows the cast of "Next Generation," as they struggle to rebuild the Earth, after the Invid depart. The first storyline in the new "Aftermath," by Rosearik Rikki and Tavisha Wolfgarth, will focus on Lancer and the adult Annie Labelle, as Annie's life is threatened and they uncover a secret cabal of scientists which might be able to save her.

    Further down the road, Academy is planning to add at least two new titles: Robotech Warriors, featuring Breetai and the Zentraedi fleet, and Worlds of Robotech, a supplement to the Sentinels. Plus a real big surprise at the end of '94.

    It may seem off to print a Robotech #0 comic when the series has been around for 10 years, but we think it's a good way to mark the beginning of a new chapter in Robotech's continuing saga. Welcome to the beginning.

    The Carl Macek Interview by Todd Hill

    Ten Years ago, a revolutionary animated series called "Robotech" premiered on syndicated television in the United States. Robotech captured the imagination of people across the world, and started a revolution that continues to this day. The series has been credited with engendering a heretofore unexpected appreciation of Japanese Animation, and also creating a phenomenon known as "Protoculture Addiction" among it's die-hard fans.

    And as many fans of Robotech are aware, Carl Macek was the man at the wheel of developing the series that would become Robotech. While many people were involved in the creation of Robotech at Harmony Gold, it was Carl Macek who ultimately became the driving force behind the series. He had they heavy task of taking three unrelated Japanese animated series, and linking them in such a way that they appeared as one contiguous series.

    Somehow, he pulled it off. His engineering of the three plotlines from "Macross", "Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross", and "Genesis Climber Mospaeda" into a single plotline for Robotech has been able to stand the test of time. Evidence of this can be readily found by just observing the fandom that has been built around the series. Fan appreciation of Robotech continues today and is perpetuating itself in many ways. It can be found on paper in the form of comic books and novels; electronically in the form of fan-based fiction stories, Internet newsgroups and list services, and FidoNet discussion areas; and some lucky individuals can still catch the series on TV today. And it is because of all this that fan appreciation continues to grow with no end in sight.

    As we approach the 10th anniversary of the original series debut, new items for Robotech are being brought forth in recognition of that milestone. New toys, comic book series, novels, videotape releases, the eagerly awaited Veritech Simulator video game, etc are finding their way into stores and the hands of fans across the planet. It was in light of this occasion that I took it upon myself to give Carl Macek a call. He gave me an audience, and here's the result of what we discussed.

    Some time ago, I had been privy to the fact that Harmony Gold and Streamline were in negotiations to have the soundtrack released again. Then a week prior to this interview, I finally received official word on the status of their negotiations. As many people are aware, this is VERY important because the original CD soundtrack for Robotech sold out several years ago and went out of print. Only a very wealthy few could get their hands on what was left of them. To this day, auctions on the Internet quote prices of at least $100 per CD.

    Q: Did Streamline Pictures obtain the official license to produce the soundtrack for Robotech?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Will the CD be released under the Streamline label, and if so will it have a different format than the original release that was done by US Renditions?

    A: Yes, it will be marketed directly from Streamline. And the format will be different from the previous release of the soundtrack.

    Q: What are some details of what is planned for the soundtrack?

    A: The soundtrack would have the same songs as the original CD, plus a LOT more, and in a different order. The ultimate goal for the soundtrack is to have a 2 CD set release. Also, the tracks would be stereo re-mastered, due to the fact that the original tracks were done in analog mono.

    Q: Is there a firm release date?

    A: Not really. The goal, however is to try to get it out by the summer so it can get out by Anime convention time and make the deadline of the 10th anniversary of Robotech.

    Q: Will this soundtrack include songs from "Robotech the Movie; The Untold Story?"

    A: At this time, no plans have been considered to include any of the songs from the movie in the soundtrack.

    Many enthusiasts of Robotech know about the video collection produced by Streamline called the Perfect Collection. After some initial problems, Streamline is now planning on continuing the Perfect Collection. For those unfamiliar with it, the Perfect Collection showcases 2 episodes of Robotech, and then the coinciding episodes in subtitled format from the original Japanese series.

    Q: Why was the Perfect Collection put on hold?

    A: Streamline had to put a hold on the series for a while in deference to another manufacturer who also produced episodes of Robotech for videotape. But Streamline now has regained the ability to produce the Perfect Collection, and we intend to go full steam ahead. We are currently at volume 6 on all 3 Perfect Collections for Robotech.

    We started talking about "Robotech II: The Sentinels." I told him about the many debates that people would get into regarding what is officially part of the storyline, and what wasn't. Whenever inconsistencies crop up in the storyline or timeline of Robotech from any of the varied works of Robotech and The Sentinels, people have always deferred to the Macek version of the storyline as 'canon' (primarily the TV series for anything concerning content in the original 85 episodes, and what was outlined in Robotech Art III and the Sentinels OVA for anything regarding Sentinels content).

    In a conversation that I had with representatives at Harmony Gold following this interview, they bolstered this position by stating that should there be a move to complete the Sentinels series, it would be done under the storyline as given by Carl Macek.

    Q: Is there a completed and detailed set of your version of the storyline of the Sentinels?

    A: Yes, I have over 1000 pages of material for the Sentinels series alone. This includes a complete synopsis of the series (most of which is detailed in the Robotech Art III graphic novel) as well as a thorough rundown of every episode of the series.

    Q: Would we ever get the chance to see your entire version of the Sentinels in a printed format?

    A: In the future I would like to publish a scrapbook which would be a compilation of material that I have for the Sentinels.

    Q: Would we see such a thing happen in the near future?

    A: No plans at this time.

    Many people that I've spoken with on the electronic conferences have mentioned that they were puzzled at the character design changes that occured between the Macross series characters from Robotech and the way they were depicted in the Sentinels.

    Q: Why were the characters from the Sentinels so different in appearance from those of the Macross series?

    A: The reason that the characters look as they do in the Sentinels animation was simply that Harmony Gold could not use the character designs for the existing characters. Also, we didn't want to commision Haruhiko Mikimoto (character designer for Macross) to create a bunch of new designs for all of the new characters that appear in the Sentinels series.

    Q: If Harmony Gold approached you concerning the completion of the Sentinels animation, would you participate in it's completion?

    A: Probably, yes.

    Another project to which Carl Macek had participated in while working at Harmony Gold was Robotech: The Movie; The Untold Story. However, the movie never made it into wide distribution, and was shelved shortly after completion. Many people have asked if it would ever be released on videotape.

    Q: Has Streamline ever thought about pursuing a license to market Robotech: The Movie; The Untold Story?

    A: Streamline has absolutely no intention to ask for the rights to release "The Untold Story." The reason being that we have been granted the rights to release the original MegaZone 23 #1, and will be releasing that in its entirety in the very near future. (For those that don't know, the majority of footage for Robotech : The Movie came from MegaZone 23 #1).

    Q: Does this MegaZone 23 license prevent some other company from ever marketing the Movie?

    A: It does not make it impossible for someone else to release Robotech: The Movie in the future. I just don't want to be the one to do it.

    Q: Do you consider the movie to be a part of the timeline of Robotech?

    A: I don't consider it to be a part of the timeline of the Robotech era whatsoever. Really, I'd like everybody to forget about Robotech: The Movie; The Untold Story altogether.

    Q: Is it true that you were against the production of the movie in the first place?

    A: Yes this is true. I did NOT want to do the movie in the first place, and I am not anywhere near impressed with it.

    Q: Ironically, Jack McKinney's book the THE MASTER'S GAMBIT (#20) chronicles some of the material that is covered in The Untold Story. That leads me to my next question; In what way do you feel that the McKinney series has contibuted to Robotech?

    A: I feel that the McKinney novelizations of Robotech have helped to expand the realm of Robotech, and I appreciate what the books have done for Robotech. While it's true that I wasn't available for the authors to pick my brain for the entire time they were writing these books, they did consult with me in the beginning for two weeks, and occasionally after that. In fact, minor inconsistancies not withstanding, the novels, comic books, and RPGs are all representative of Robotech. I don't discount the validity of any of these works. Also, each work has its own place within the overall realm of Robotech.

    Q: What is your opinion of the many fan-fiction writings that have been undertaken by people to furthur define the Robotech realm?

    A: I don't mind that fans take the time to express their appreciation of Robotech by enhancing it in story. In fact I find it all fascinating.

    Q: Have you had the opportunity to read any of the works?

    A: I have not had the chance to read many of them. I don't encourage people to send them to me. I try to discourage that, in fact.

    Q: Why discourage the authors from submitting their works to you?

    A: Don't get me wrong. As I said, I appreciate that people write fan fiction stories for Robotech. However, I'd prefer to avoid any potential lawsuits from writers that could crop up if somone sends in a fan fiction story which may contain parts similar to some future project we may have in the works for Robotech. So it's not a matter of not liking fan fiction, but it's a matter of not liking lawsuits.

    Q: So you do encourage writers to continue creating their works?

    A: Absolutely.

    Q: Continuity has been an issue that plagues fans of Robotech endlessly. People have been trying to establish a timeline and a storyline synopsis that will act as the 'canon' backbone of the whole Robotech saga. This is particularly true of fan fiction writers, who love the series and they want to make sure that they are not crossing the line of continuity when they write their stories. We already know about your collection of material on the Sentinels, but do you have some sort of 'master plan' for Robotech on paper?

    A: Well, the only complete plan for Robotech is in my head. It would take too long for me to give more than a cursory explanation of it here. As far as the debate over what is 'canon' in Robotech goes; all of the material out there for Robotech should be considered valid, because it is all a part of Robotech. An example from my own work is in the Art book for the Sentinels. The events detailed in "Robotech Art III" were far away from what I had actually planned for Robotech at the time. While the Sentinels do fall within the realm of Robotech, the series itself was more animation-intensive than plot-intensive. In essence, no one should look at my contibutions alone as "THE" Robotech.

    Q: Would you be against someone establishing standards for the plotline and timeline of Robotech?

    A: Not really.

    Q: Was there any truth to the rumor that there was supposed to have been a series called "Robotech III: The Odyssey?"

    A: I did have plans on a third series of Robotech back in its heyday. 'Odyssey' was supposed to have been a series which tied together all of the story elements of the previous 2 series. Particularly, 'Odyssey' was to have picked up where Robotech and The Sentinels end, with the disappearance of the SDF-3.

    (Ed Note: Unfortunately due to time constraints he did not go into detail concerning the content of the Odyssey series, but he did say that it was supposed to be the largest of the 3 series. In fact, if you were to add up all the episodes of Robotech I, II and III; you should get 260 episodes in all. That would allow for a 30 minute episode of Robotech to occur every weekday for an entire year!)

    Also, I wanted to have a big plot 'gotcha' for 'Odyssey' by portraying Lynn Minmei as the mother of Zor. By doing this Minmei would become the focal point in the entire series, in essence making Minmei the mother-creator of Robotech.
    And I envisioned the very last scene of 'Odyssey' to be the crash landing of Zor's battlefortress on Macross Island, with the next episode shown being 'Boobytrap.' Doing this would create the effect of a Mobius loop for Robotech, where a viewer could start watching the series at any point, and be able to get the whole thing in about a year's time.

    Q: With Minmei becoming Zor's mother, does this imply that the crew of the SDF-3 become the Robotech Masters?

    A: Absolutely not. The timeline wouldn't work like that. The Masters are a different part of the puzzle.

    Q: Then is there some other fate that awaits Rick, Lisa, Max, Miriya, Vince and Jean?

    A: (Chuckles) I guess we'll have to wait for the release of Odyssey to find that out.

    Several participants of The Robotech Echo and alt.tv.Robotech made the assertion that the Exo Squad series may have been incorporated with the Robotech universe (or vice-versa). This assertion was made because Playmates Toys is marketing the Robotech line of mecha under the Exo Squad line.

    Q: Have you been told or otherwise approached concerning the possibility of tying together Exo Squad and Robotech?

    A: I have absolutely no knowledge of a plot tie in of Exo Squad and Robotech, and I do not endorse one. The only part that I acknowledge is the fact that Robotech is being sold as part of the Exo Squad toy line.

    Q: Will you be attending Robocon 10?

    A: Yes I will be there.

    Q: Do you have an Internet e-mail address?

    A: No, I do not have an e-mail address.

    Me: Well, that ends the interview for now. I would like to thank you for allowing me time to speak with you, and I hope that we can talk again in the future.

    Carl: Not a problem.

    And thus ends my short interview with Carl Macek. If anyone needs clarification on any parts of this interview, I can be reached through the following means:
    Internet: Todd.Hill@columbiasc.attgis.com
    FidoNet: The Tachyon Express BBS (803)-356-3522 Fido Address 1:376/190
    Postal: 335-H West Main Street Lexington, S.C. 29072

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you want to talk to Carl in person, try to attend a nearby Anime convention. He has been known to attend several a year. (and he WILL be attending Robocon 10 in Anaheim this year)


    Robotech: The Ben Dunn Preview's Interview

    It is no exaggeration to say that ROBOTECH is one of the greatest anime phenomenons to sweep across Japan and the United States. Several anime writers and artists have been greatly influenced by this ground-breaking series, and ROBOTECH has created a whole generation of anime fans. Even though ROBOTECH first debuted in the early 1980s, it still has a very large and loyal following to this day.

    In the year 1999, an alien artifact of unknown origin crash-lands on Earth. From the ashes of this crash site, a new and redesigned vessel named the SDF-1 is born, engineered from remains of the alien craft, modified for humans. However, just as the SDF-1 is about to take its inaugural flight, the aliens attack. In an effort to escape the aliens' attack, the SDF-1, using unknown alien technology, accidentally teleports all the way to Pluto. From there, the story of ROBOTECH begins.

    ROBOTECH was one of the first animated shows in the United States to deal with adult themes such as violence and romantic relationships. As a result, ROBOTECH appeals to a very wide audience, including teenage and college students, younger children, and young adults. In addition to the television show, Comico began publishing ROBOTECH comic books in the mid-1980s. Since then, ROBOTECH has moved on to Malibu and then Academy Comics, and the entire ROBOTECH saga spans hundreds of comic books created by scores of writers and artists.

    Now, beginning in March, Antarctic Press is pleased to announce that ROBOTECH has a new home! Antarctic Press has all-new stories, all-new writers, all-new artists, and now ROBOTECH will be in FULL COLOR - the way it was meant to be. Several Antarctic Press creators are busily working on the first issue, including Fred Perry (Gold Digger, Ninja High School), Joseph Wight (Shotgun Mary, Twilight X), and Ben Dunn. Ben has been drawing anime-style comic books for well over a decade, including such well-known titles as Ninja High School, Captain Harlock, and most recently Warrior Nun Areala. While Ben Dunn will continue to work on Warrior Nun Areala and Luftwaffe 1946 (with Ted Nomura), he will also be handling some of the art chores on ROBOTECH. Ben was kind enough to take a few moments out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about ROBOTECH...

    PREVIEWS: Are you a big fan of ROBOTECH? When and how did you first learn about it?

    Ben Dunn: Who isn't a fan of ROBOTECH? I mean almost any anime fan can tell you that it was ROBOTECH that got them started on this hobby. Of course, I was lucky enough to be exposed to the original Japanese versions of the series before they became 'Americanized' so I was able to compare the two versions. However, ever since ROBOTECH was taken off the air in most markets it has been relegated to second-class status among anime fans and that is something I and Antarctic Press intend to change. I've followed the comic versions of the series from the very beginning and wanted to work on it since the very beginning. However, NINJA HIGH SCHOOLand other projects did not allow me much time to submit and try out for ROBOTECH. There was a time back in 1985 when I did send a submission to COMICO, and they wanted to hire me to do some ROBOTECH work, but they never got back to me after our initial contact. Who would have thought that eleven years later I would come back to the series and be in charge of it?
    Like I said earlier, I had seen the original material that ROBOTECH is based on (MACROSS, SOUTHERN CROSS, and MOSPEDA), but the speed that the American version got on the air was astounding. I mean, most of the series was less than two years old when it started to air in America. In a short time there was a sort of a mini-ROBOTECH boom where fans could buy all sorts of cool merchandise like toys and comics. However, the one thing that bothered me was the general lack of quality in the comics that came out. The art was sloppy and coloring horrendous. "If I could just take it and run with it I could do a proper ROBOTECH comic," I would think to myself. Well, now AP is in control of the license, and this time we'll do it right! In a way it was good that I waited. Our ability to handle the art and coloring has made it feasible for us to produce the best ROBOTECH comics ever.

    PREVIEWS: How does this ROBOTECH series tie in with the previous ROBOTECH comic books, from Malibu and Academy? Are they related? How does this ROBOTECH series tie in with the television show?

    Ben Dunn: I am not going to ignore the ROBOTECH continuity that has already been established. What I plan to do is pick and choose what I think will work and ignore the rest - not get rid of it per se, but just leave it alone. What I plan to do is to bring ROBOTECH back to its roots - go back to the basic characters and stop trying to do ridiculous storylines that no one cares about. The emphasis will be art and story and we intend to live up to that expectation. How close will the comics tie in with the TV series? Very close. We will be using the characters and storylines availible to us and running with them in directions that we feel are proper for the series. We also plan on ending the ROBOTECH:SENTINELS storyline.

    PREVIEWS: What plans do you have for the story in the future? What direction is the comic book going to go?

    Ben Dunn: I am looking for writers who understand the ROBOTECH mythos, and who will try to expand it without adding dumb elements like 'magic' and 'furries'. Our focus will be the core characters and situations. New characters will be added for a reason and the stories will be well planned editorially so that books are not released willy-nilly. Most of the intitial writing will be handled by Fred Perry, Ted Nomura, Joe Wight and myself with art being handled by the same crew. I want to start off with only one full-color ROBOTECH book in the beginning. From there we will expand the line with both color and black-and-white books. I would like to take ROBOTECH in natural directions - see where the characters would be and dig deep into the ROBOTECH universe and see what we come up with. There are so many characters in ROBOTECH that I am surprised more stories are not written about them. Unlike previous incarnations of ROBOTECH, where it was either a TV adaptation or some fanboy's dream agenda, AP plans to bring ROBOTECH back to the regular fans and give it the treatment it deserves.

    PREVIEWS: Are there any surprises to keep an eye out for?

    Ben Dunn: Oh, yes. There will be many revelations as the series progresses. We are focusing mostly on MACROSS in the beginning, but we will eventually expand to the other series. Ted Nomura is handling ROBOTECH:PROTOTYPE, which uncovers the early days of the SDF-1 and the war it caused. Fred Perry is a big SOUTHERN CROSS fan and is working on a story and I will be working with him on ROBOTECH: JUPITER INCIDENT, in which a new Zentraedi warlord uses the planet Jupiter as a weapon to capture the SDF-1. We have all sorts of cool storylines waiting in the wings, but we want to reveal them slowly, build them up the way Dark Horse did with STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE.

    PREVIEWS: Who else is working on the comic book?

    Ben Dunn: We are in negotiations with other artists and some of them are pretty big names. I am not a liberty to reveal them yet, but rest assured everyone will be pleased.

    PREVIEWS: Are you going to produce any other ROBOTECH products other than comic books?

    Ben Dunn: We will be able to produce posters, but that's about it. Our emphasis will be on the comic. Of course, now that we produced the WARRIOR NUN AREALA action figure, can our own AP-designed line be far behind? Who knows?

    PREVIEWS: Now that you are working on ROBOTECH, is that going to interfere with your other comic book work?

    Ben Dunn: Whenever I work on a new series I want to give it my full atttention. It should not interfere with the regular production of WARRIOR NUN AREALA or NINJA HIGH SCHOOL. However, I may not be able to work on those series, at least intially, as I gear up to tackle ROBOTECH. I want to be able to give the audience the best damn book possible.

    PREVIEWS: What kind of art style are you going to use on ROBOTECH?

    Ben Dunn: I want to try to stay true to the original material if possible, but if we are going to change it, it should be for the better. I am not going to use amateur fan artists and throw things out. Our focus will be to get the best in the industry to produce ROBOTECH comics that will stand up to any comic currently out on the stands. We plan on using painted covers and top notch coloring to give ROBOTECH the treatment it never previously received.

    PREVIEWS: Do you feel that you are finally getting the recognition you deserve?

    Ben Dunn: Do you feel that you are finally getting the recognition you deserve? Gee, that's a tough one. I really don't care what others think of me as long as I get to do what I want, but it does irk me sometimes that whenever a fan publication runs some sort of article about manga in America they neglect all the AP artists who have since 1984 promoted the style way before it became mainstream. Artists like Joe Wight and Fred Perry are virtually ignored and yet I consider them the real pioneers of the art style. Very little is mentioned of NINJA HIGH SCHOOL, which has run for over 10 years, and is past issue fifty. And yet it does not even rate a listing in any price guide. I don't care for recognition for myself, but if you are going to praise someone for 'pioneering' a style, let's give credit where its due.

    PREVIEWS: Any closing remarks?

    Ben Dunn: Yes. buy the new ROBOTECH book. This time it'll be done right!

    And now for a few other Robotech sites.

  • Khyron's Robotech Page - This is the one to try first.

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  • Watch for the Robotech game for the Nintendo U64 coming out later this year.

    Upcoming Robotech Releases

    Note: Comics listed here will be deleted approximately one month after I have picked them up from my comic dealer. For example, Robotech #1 will be deleted from this list when I pick up #2. New solicitations will be added when I obtain my catalogue for the next month.

    March 1997

    Robotech #1 [Antartic Press]
    At long last, Robotech is back, with all-new writers, all-new stories, and now in full digital color! This is Robotech done the way it was supposed to be done! During the Macross saga, the crew of the SDF-1 initiated the Spacefold to escape the Zentraedi attack. Intending to escape to the Moon, the alien technology accidentally teleported them to Pluto. During the trip back to Earth, the waylaid ship is diverted to Jupiter, where they unwittingly uncover a secret Zentraedi Base and the construction of a terrible new superweapon that threatens the very existance of Earth! The series will contain all the original characters and designs from the television show, and this issue will feature a separate back-up story set in the Robotech universe. Shipped April 2,1997

    May 1997

    Robotech #2 [Antartic Press]
    The attack of the SDF-1's long-range patrol group was only a delaying tactic to enable the main Zentraedi battle group to get between the SDF-1 and the Mega-storm on Jupiter undetected. This position not only gives the Zentraedi the optimum strike position against the SDF-1, but it's also perfect for trapping the Macross in an inescapable gravitational field. However, the SDF-1 isn't as helpless as they think! Commander Fokker leads the fighter squadrons of the SDF-1 against the onslaught of Zentraedi battle pods while Captain Gloval prepares to fire the main gun...but it's not going to be enough.

    Alternative Options - Stop by my column for Stunt Dog (a newsletter put out by Strange Adventures) Here you will find interviews, etc.

    Calum Johnston, owner of Strange Adventures, has some Robotech Comics and RPGs in stick, so you may want to drop him a line.
    Steve Wilkie, of Wilkie's Wonderful World of Comics, has lots of Robotech comics at his warehouse. You can reach him at : 902-463-8757. Call ONLY between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time Monday-Saturday. He is situated on the East Coast of Canada.
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